If we want to do a change in our house, let us teach all its members the need for it. If the members have confidence in the head of the family, they would gladly cooperate and the desired change would become easy, so is the case of a community or a nation. Let the Government gain the confidence of the people.

Those at the helm of the affairs, must show that they share the common lot. They must immediately change their luxurious life. They must lead a life of plain living and high thinking. Do not try to be fool the public. But actually, they must come forward with open hearts and work with a missionary’s spirit to infuse a spirit of work into the masses. Therein lies the salvation of the nation.

Without gaining the cooperation of the people, laws and force can accomplish little. For getting cooperation, the people should be made to put faith in their leaders and officers. No account of flattery and sloganism can take the place of real zeal and sincerity. Work is worship. Every big man, be he the Prime Minister or the Chief Engineer should learn the dignity of labour. Nations are progressing, for their men work sincerely and honestly. The government help is there for one thing at a time. Try to restore the shirk and leave the poor. Do not work to make the rich richer.

Work for the poor, the villager (poor), the backward, the Harijan or the high caste (poor); solve one problem at one time. In my opinion, begin with roads, then take electricity. These two things completed, the work of unemployment and its baffling problem will disappear. Buses, trucks tongas, carts will fly everywhere and every village will have centres of cottage industries shoe making, weaving, matting, bricks making furniture making and so on. We want shoemakers, weaves, masons, mechanics, carpenters, iron smiths and so on.

They disappeared with the rise of cities. They should lead a fearfree life in villages and make their living. The police must help them if the need arises. Do not leave them at the mercy of the village goondas. The village carftsman serves a particular village and makes his living. His remuneration should be paid to him by all and sundry. That is the law, and the police should keep the law.

Let us provide quarters and shops to the village helpers, be they be medical men or others. But we, our D. M. can do one thing at one time. He should begin one thing and after it has been completed, he should undertake the other need. No big officer can do all things at a time. Let our energy and power be united for one thing. However great that one thing may be, we will accomplish it when we are united with the government, that is the best motto for us.

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