Organic Inputs For Natural Farming

COCONUT BUTTER MILK GHOL Ingredients Cow Butter Milk 5 Liters Coconut Water 1 Liter Fruit Juice 1 Liter Turmeric 100 Gram Hing 20 Gram It has pesticide actions. Method of application 1 Liter of this solution diluted with 10 Liters f water before spray used as for plant protection against fungal disease and insects Source: … Read more

Indigenous Traditional Knowledge in Agriculture

BIJAMRUT Ingredients Cow Dung 5 Kg Cow Urine 5 Liter Cow Milk 1 Liter Lime 250 Grams Water 100 Liter Method of Use Sprinkle the seeds before they are sown as seed treatment Scientifically Validated by TNAU, Coimbatore and CSKHPKV,Palampur SANJIVAK Ingredients Cow Urine 100 Liters Cow Dung 100-200 Kilogram Jaggery 500 Grams Water 300 … Read more

Livestock Goat & Poultry Management

During Extreme Summer Wallowing arrangements should be made in the farm itself during the hot summer months. Various cooling systems, such as fans, wet curtain or panels, air coolers or conditioners, can be utilised on big commercial dairy farms during extremely hot conditions. Providing chilled potable drinking water helps to alleviate heat stress during hot … Read more

Advisory for Sugarcane cultivation

About Sugarcane Sugarcane, is a perennial grass. It is a member of the bamboo family and is native to India. Sugar, Jaggery, and Khandsari are all produced there. Only one-third of the sugarcane grown in India is used to make jaggery and khandsari, with the remaining two-thirds going to sugar refineries. It also serves as … Read more

Advisory for Soybean and Sesamum cultivation

About Sesamum cultivation Growing Season and varieties Improved cultivars should be grown. According to the availability of growth period and purpose, Type-4, Type-12, Type-13, Type-78, Shekhar, Pragati, Tarun, and RT-351 were developed.┬áIt takes 90-95 days to complete. It should be sown between the last week of June and the second fortnight of July, with the … Read more

CSR Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility) List in India

1. RELIANCE INDUSTRIES LIMITED Shri Mukesh Ambani Maker Chambers – IV, Nariman Point, MumbaiEmail Address : [email protected] , [email protected] 2. NTPC LIMITED Shri Gurdeep Singh NTPC Bhawan, SCOPE Complex, Institutional Area, Lodhi Road, New Delhi  Email Address : [email protected] 3. OIL AND NATURAL GAS CORPORATION LIMITED Dr. Alka Mittal Deendayal Urja Bhawan, 5A, Nelson Mandela … Read more

Tomato Cultivation

Introduction Tomatoes are the edible berries of the Solanum lycopersicum plant, also known as the tomato plant. Western South America and Central America are the origins of the species. The Spanish term tomate was derived from the Nahuatl word tomatl, from whence the English word tomato was derived. Its domestication and cultivation as a cultivated … Read more