List of Old and Rare Books at Rashtrapati Bhawan New Delhi

Rashtrapati Bhawan which was earlier known as Viceroy House has a very good collection of old and rare books. We have prepared the list for the interest of general public and list is here as under. These books can be accessed by reaching the library at Rashtrapati Bhawan New Delhi.

S. No.TitleAuthorYear of PublicationVol. No.Remarks
1A Catalouge of the original works of William Hogarth1795Oldest book in the library
2A View of the Origin & Conduct of the war with TipooLieut.Colonel Alexander Beatson1800
3British gallery of engravings from pictures of the Italian, Dutch & English schoolsEdward Forster1807With hand written note and signature of Lord Curzon
4Wild sports of the eastCapt.Thomas Williamson1807
5Historical sketches of the south of IndiaColonel Mark Wilks1810I, II, III
6Oriental memoirs: Selected and abridged from a series of familiar letters written during seventeen years residence in IndiaJames Forbes1813I,II,III,IV
7The works of Laurence SterneLaurence Sterne1819I,III,IVVol.II N.A.
8The works of Henry Fielding with an essay on his life and geniusArthur Murphy1821I-XVol.VI N.A.
9The poetical works of William CowperArthur Murphy1830I,II,III
10The life of general,the right honourable of Sir David BairdSir David Baird1832I,II
11The poetical works of John Dryden1832IIIVols.I,II N.A.
12ILLUSTRATIONS of Indian Zoology: Chiefly selected from the collection of Maj.Gen.HardwickeJohn Edward Gray1832
13Rise and progress of the British power in IndiaPeter Auber1837IVol. II N.A.
14Punch or the London Charivari1841-193025 VolumesA British weekly magazine of humour and satire
15The Old Forest RangerCaptain Walter Campbell1845
16Oliver Cromwell’s Letters & SpeechesThomas Carlyle1845I,II,III,IV,V
17Wanderings of a Pilgrim in search of the picturesque, during four and twenty years in the EastParlby Fanny(Parks)1850I,II
18The Works Of John MiltonJohn Milton1851II, III, IV, VIVol. I & V N.A.
19The Delhi Sketch Book1853IIVol. I N.A.
20Essays On Indian AntiquitiesEdward Thomas1858I, II
21Ask MammaJohn Leech1858I, II, VVol. III &IV N.A.
22Pictures of Life & CharacterJohn Leech1860
23Madras in the Olden TimeWheeler, Talboys J1861I, II, III
24Selections from the Poetry of the AfghansRaverty H.G.1862
25The Birds of India: Being a Natural HistoryT.C.Jerdon1862-63I, II
26Selections from Calcutta GazettesW.S.Seton Karr1864I
27Mr. Facey Romford’s HoundsR.S. SURTEES1865
28A Brief History of the Cyclone at Calcutta & Vicinity1865
29Indian Affairs from 1859 to 1866Alernon West1867
30The Forest and the FieldH.A.L. Theold Shekarry1867
31Selections from Calcutta GazettesHugh David Sandeman1868IV, V
32History of IndiaDowson, John1869II
33The Chronicles of the Pathan Kings of DelhiThomas, Edwards1871
34Boscobel or the Royal OakAinsworth, William Harrison1872
35The Greville MemoirsLate Charles C.F.Greville1872IFirst Series
36Windsor CastleW.Harrison Ainsworth1872
37Mervyn ClitheroeWilliam Harrison Ainsworth1872
38The Mammals Of IndiaT.C.Jerdon1874
39The Gulistan of Shaikh Muslihu ‘D Din Sadi of ShirazJohn Platts1874
40The Greville MemoirsLate Charles C.F.Greville1874I, II, IIISecond Series
41Bannu Or Our Afgan FrontierS.S.Thorburn1876
42Adam BedeGeorge Eliot1876I, II
43RomolaGeorge Eliot1876I, II
44Daniel DerondaGeorge Eliot1876IVol. II, III N.A.
45Silas Marner- The Lifted Veil -Brother JacobGeorge Eliot1876
46The Mill on the FlossGeorge Eliot1876I, II
47History of NepalMunshi Shew Shunkeer Singh1877
48The Imperial Assemblage at DelhiJ Talboy’s Wheeler1877
49The Famine Campaign in Southern IndiaWilliam Digby1878I
50James Outram: A BiographyMajor Gen.Sir F.J.Goldsmid1880I, II
51Life of William Blake1880I
52The Game Birds of India, Burma and CeylonHume And Marshall1880II, III
53The Garden of IndiaH.C.Irwin1880
54Notes and Sketches from the Wild Coasts of NiponCaptain H.C.St.John1880
55A Pilgrimage to NejdLady Anne Blunt1881I, II
56Tabakat-I-Nasiri -A General HistoryMajor H.G. Raverty1881I, II
57Indian Racing ReminiscencesM. Horace Hayes1883
58Life of Lord LawrenceR.Bosworth Smith1883II
59The Life of Major General Sir Henry Marion DurandH.M.Durand1883I, II
60History of the ParsisDosabhai Framji Karaka1884I, II
61Speeches of the Marouis of Ripon1884
62George Eliot’s LifeJ.W.Cross1885I
63Centenary Review of the Asiatic Society of Bengal1885
64The Journals of Major-Gen. C. G. GordonA. Egmont Hake1885
65Bihar Peasant Life Being A Discursive CatalogueGeorge A. Grierson1885
66Life and Work of the Seventh Earl of ShaftesburyEdwin Hodder1886I, II
67A Memoir of Jane AustenLady Susan1886
68The Lives of the SheridansPercy Fitzgerald1886I, II
69Memorials of the Life and Letters of Major- General Sir Herbert B Edwardes1886I, II
70The Gazetteer of India- India UnionP.N. Chopra1887I
71Twenty-Five Years in a WaggonAndrew A. Anderson1887I
72Wild Life & Adventure in the BushArthur Nicols1887I
73The Virginians – A Tale of the Last CenturyWilliam Makepeace Thackeray1887
74Poems by Matthew ArnoldMatthew Arnold1888
75India in 1887Robert Wallace1888
76Through the Yang-Tse Gorges or Trade and Travel in Western ChinaArchibald John Little1888
77The Early History of the Guild of Merchant TaylorsCharles M. Clode1888I
78Annals of the English StageDr. Doran1888I, II, III
79The Unknown Horn of AfricaF.L. James1888
80Mr. & Mrs. Bancroft on and off the StageMr. & Mrs. Bancroft1888I, II
81PoemsMatthew Arnold1888
82Reynell Taylor – A BiographyE. Gambier Parry1888
84The Life & Letters of Mary Wollstoneiraft ShelleyMrs. Julian Marshall1889
85Lord Chesterfields Letters to his GodsonPhilip Dormer1889
86Through the Heart of AsiaGabriel Bonvalot1889I
87The Influence of Sea Power upon HistoryCaptain A.T. Mahan1889
88Travels in IndiaJean Baptiste Tavernier1889I, II
89David LivingstoneThomas Hughes1889
90A Short History of the English PeopleJohn Richard Green1889
91Reminiscences Of J. L. TooleJoseph Hatton1889II
92WellingtonGeorge Hooper1889
93William DampierW. Clark Russell1889
94Lord StraffordH. D. Traili1889
95MonkJulian Corbett1889
96SpeechesThe Marquess Of Dufferin & Ava1889
97Sir Charles NapierColonel Sir William F. Butler1890
98Sir John Login and Duleep SinghLady Login1890
99In Darkest AfricaHenry M. Stanley1890
100Chiefs and Families of Note in the Delhi, Jalandhar,Peshawar and Derajat Divisions of the PanjabCharles Francis Massy1890
101Lady Inger of Ostrat: The Vikings at HelgelandWilliam Archer1890
102The Life and Adventures of Martin ChuzziewitCharles Dickens1890
103The Old Curiosity ShopCharles Dickens1890
104Sir Francis DrakeJulian Corbett1890
105The Principles of PsychologyWilliam James1890II
106The History of PendennisWillam Makepeace Thackeray1890
107Hitstory of the War in AfghanistanJohn William Kaye1890I, II, III
108Abstract of the Proceedings of the Council of the Governor General of India1890- 1910XXIX, XXX, XXXII, XXXIII, XXXVIII, XLI, XLII, XLIII, XLIV, XLVI, XLVII, XLVIII12 VOLUMES AVL. ( VOL. XXXI, XXXIV, XXXV, XXXVI, XXXVII, XLV N.A.)
109Tara-A Mahratta TaleCaptain Meadows Taylor1890II
110Wild Life & Adventure in the BushArthur Nicols1887II
112PoemsWillam Watson1892
113Bombay 1885 to 1890Sir William Wilson Hunter, K.C.S.L1892
114The Indian Antiquary : Archeology, Epigraphy, Ethnology, Geography, History, Folklore, Languages, Literature, Numismatics, Philosophy, ReligionSir Richard Carnac Temple & Devadatta Ramkrishna B1892-1914XXI, XXII, XXIII, XXIV, XXV, XXVI, XXVII, XXVIII, XXIX, XXX, XXXI, XXXII, XXXIII, XXXIV, XXXV, XXXVI, XXXVII, XXXVIII, XXXIX, XL, XLI, XLIII22 Volumes AVL. (1913 – Vol. XLII N.A.)
115The Hobby-HorseArthur W.Pinero1892
116Mansfield ParkJane Austen1892
117The Land-Systems of British IndiaB.H.Baden-Powell1892I, II
118Northanger AbbeyJane Austen1892
119A Collection of Treaties,Engagements & SanadsC.U.Aitchison1892I, II
120History of the French in IndiaColonel G B Malleson C S I1893I, II
121Bombay and Western IndiaJames Douglas1893I
122Rulers of India : The Marquess WellesleyRev. W. H. Hutton1893
123A Dictionary of the Economic Products of IndiaGeorge Watt1893III, IV
124IvanhoeSir Walter Scott1893I
125St.Ronan’s WellSir Walter Scott1893II
126Selections from the Letters Despatches & other StatesGeorge W.Forrest1893I, III, IVVol. II N.A.
127Rural RidesWilliam Cobbett1893IVol. II N.A.
129Alphonse DaudetR.H. Sherard1894
130The Weaker SexArthur W. Pinero1894
131Indian PolitySir George Chesney1894
132SpeechesThe Marquis Of Lansdowne1894I, II
133Summary of The Principal Measures of the Viceroyalty of the Marquess of Lansdowne in The Foreign Department, December 1888-January 18941894
134Summary of the Principal Measures of the Viceroyalty of the Marquess of Lansdowne in the Foreign Department, December 1888-January 1894George W.E. Russell1895II
135Sport on the Pamirs & Turkistan SteppesMajor C.S.Cumberland1895II
136Plutarch’s Lives of the Noble Grecians and RomansSir Thomas North1895
137On Either Side of the Red SeaE. N. Buxton1895
138Colonel Sir Robert SandemanThomas Henry Thornton1895
139The Beginnig of the Middle AgesR. W. Church1895
140Memoirs of BarrasGeorge Duruy1895I, II
141The Stark Munro LettersA. Conan Doyle1895
142Letters of Matthew ArnoldGeorge W. E. Russell1895I
143Indian Problems No.IColonel H.B. Hanna1895
144Indian Problems No. IIColonel H.B. Hanna1895
145Bismarck’s Table – TalkCharles Lowe1895
146The Devil’s PoolGeorge Sand1895
147The Notorious Mrs. EbbsmithArthur W. Pinero1895
148Prisoners of SilenceMary Angela Dickens1895
149The Crimea in 1854, and 1894Sir Evelyn Wood1895
150The Men of the Moss-HagsS.R. Crockett1895
151Indian Political Practice a Collection of the Decision of the Government of India in Poltical CasesC.L.Tupper1895III
152The Pamirs and the Source of the OxusHon. George N. Curzon1896
153The Matabele CampaignColonel R.S.S.Baden-Powell1896
154The History of Don Quixote of the ManchaThomas Shelton1896I, II, III
155The Paget PapersSir Arthur Paget1896
156The Heart of a ContinentFrank E. Younghusband1896
157With Kelly to ChitralW. G. L. Beynon1896
158Songs of Travel and other VerseRobert Louis Stevenson1896
159Sculptured Tombs of HellasPercy Gardner1896
160IndiaR. P. Karkaria1896
161The Battle of the BaysOwen Seaman1896
162Democracy and LibertyWilliam Edward1896I, II
163Collection of Papers Relating to the Khyber1896
164Forty One Years in IndiaLord Robberts1897
165Forty One Years in IndiaField Marshal1897
166Farthest NorthFridtjof Nansen1897I
167The MartianGeorge Du Maurier1897
168Rulers of India: Warren HastingsCaptain L.J. Trotter1897
169A History of Our Own Times from 1880 to the Diamond JubileeJustin Mccarthy1897
170Cromwell’s Place in HistorySamuel Rawson Gardiner1897
171Life at the ZooC.J. Cornish1897
172Letters from the SudanE.F. Knighr1897
173From Grave to Gay Being Essays and StudiesLoe Strachey1897
174Lord William BentinckDemetrius C. Boulger1897
175Certain Personal MattersH. G. Wells1897
176With the Jungle Folk – A Sketch of Burmese VillageE. D. Cuming1897
177The Life and Letters of Benjamin JowettEvelyn Abbott1897I, II
179The Story of the British ArmyC. Cooper King1897
180Rulers of India – The Marquess CornwallisW.S. Seton-Karr1898
181Among the CelestialsF. Younghusband1898
182The Campaign in TirahGeneral Sir William Lockhart1898
183Twelve Indian StatesmenGeorge Smith1898
184Certain Tragical Discourses of BandelloGeffraie Fenton1898
185More Tramps AbroadMark Twain1898
186Helbeck of BannisdaleHumphry Ward1898
187Simon DaleAnthony Hope1898
188In Cap and Gown – Three Centuries of Cambridge WitCharles Whibley1898
189The Goverment of IndiaSir Courtenary Ilbert1898
190Through AsiaSven Hedin1898I, II
191Quatrains of Omar Khayyam in English ProseJustin Huntly1898
192An Angler’s Paradise and How to Obtain ItJ. J. Armistead1898
193Lockhart’s Advance Through TirahCapt.L.J. Shadwell1898
194Two Native Narratives of The Mutiny in DelhiCharles Theophilus Metcalfe1898
195The Encylopaedia of SportF. G. Aflalo1898II
196Linguistic Survey of India1898
197The Philippines and round about with some AccountMajor G. J. Younghusband1899
198The Life of WellingtonSir Herbert Maxwell1899I
199Letters Received by the East India CompanyWilliam Foster1899III
200FranceJohn Edward1899About the revolution and modern France
201The Making of a FrontierColonel Algernon Durand1899
202Ralph Fitch: England’s Pioneer to IndiaJ. Horton Ryley1899
203The French Court and Society, The Court of the Tuileries, The First of The Bourbons, The Court of FranceCatherine Charlotte, Lady Jackson1899I, II
204The Old Regime Court, Salons & Theatres, Old Paris, Its Court & Literary SalonsCatherine Charlotte, Lady Jackson1899I, II
205A Diary of St. HelenaSir Arthur Wilson1899
206When The Sleeper WakesH.G. Wells1899
207The Last of the ValoisCatherine Charlotte, Lady Jackson1899I, II
208Lumsden of the GuidesGen.Sir Peter S.Lumsden & George R.Elsmie1899
209Mr.Sponge’s Sporting TourJohn Leech1899I, II
210The Works of Alfred Lord TennysonPoet Laureate1899I, II, IV, V, VI, VIIVol. III N.A.
211Rulers of India: BabarStanley Lane-Poole1899
212Handley Cross or Mr.Jorrocks’s HuntJohn Leech1899I, II
213The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund BurkeEdmund Burke1899I, IV, X, XI, XII
214Alfred Lord Tennyson-A MemoirSon Of Lord Tennyson1899IV
215A History of the Dreyfus CaseGeorge Barlow1899IV
216SpeechesEarl of Elgin1899
217Summary of Measures Considered or Carried out in the Militaty Department of the Government of India During the Viceroyalty of the Earl of Elgin & Kincardine1899
218Devonshire House Fancy Dress Ball1899
219Speeches By Lord Curzon of KedlestonLord Curzon1900I,II,III,IV
220The Half-HeartedJohn Buchan1900
221Forestry In British IndiaB. Ribbentrop1900
222A Colloquy On CurrencyLord Aldenham1900
223Glimpses of Old Bombay & Western IndiaJames Douglas1900
224Eighteen Years in the KhyberSir Robert Warburton1900
225Mr. Facey Romford’s HoundsJohn Leech & Harbot K. Browne1900
226Hawbuck GrangeHarlot K. Browne1900
227The Times of History of War in South AfricaL.S. Amery1900I, III, V, VIVol. II & IV N.A.
228Rabelais Gargantua & PantagruelWhibley, Charles1900I, III
229Natal CampaignBurleign, Bennet1900
230District Naini Tal Map1901
231ChinaParkar E H1901
232The Great Boer WarA. Conan Doyle1901
233Four Leaved CloverMaxwell Gray1901
234With RimingtonL.March Phillipps1901
235Trooper 8008 I. Y.Hon.Sidney Peel1901
236The Chronicle of FroissartWiiliam Paton Ker1901I
237Bleak HouseCharles Dickens1901XI
238The Life & Adventures of Martin ChuzzlewitCharles Dickens1901VI
239Christmas BooksCharles Dickens1901VI
240Little DorritCharles Dickens1901XII
241The Life & Adventures of Nicholas NicklebyCharles Dickens1901V
242Dealings With The Firm of Dombey & SonCharles Dickens1901
243Prosperous British IndiaWilliam Digby1901
244The Law And Policy of AnnexationCarman F. Randolph1901
245The Indian BorderlandSir T. Hungerford Holdich1901
246ClementinaA.E.W. Mason1901
247Prince Rupert The BuccaneerC.J. Cutcliffe Hyne1901
248The Garden of KamaLaurence Hope1901
249The Indian Mutiny 1857-58G. W. Forrest1902II
250The Guardian of Maire AntoinetteLillian C. Smythe1902I, II
251Hypatia or New Foes with an Old FaceCharles Kingsley1902I
252Land Revenue Policy of the Indian Government1902
253Modern PoloCaptain E.D.Miller1902
254Physician and FriendSmith, George1902
255Three Years WarWet, Christiaan, Rudolf De1902
256EuripidesGilbert Murray1902
257Muzaffarnagar: A Gazetteer,of The United Provinces of Agra and OudhH.R.Nevill1903III
258WordsworthWalter Releigh1903
259Three Frenchmen In BengalHill S C1903
260The Life of William Ewart GladstoneJohn Morley1903I, II
261An Indian Sketch BookRaven- Hill1903
262Barlasch of the GuardMerriman, Henry Seton1903
263Two Sides of the FaceCouch A T Quiller-Couch1903
264Old MortalitySir Walter Scott1903II
265Told In “Tatt’s”Nathaniel Gubbins1903
266Rulers of India-AkbarColonel G.B.Malleson1903
267The Sailor King-William the Fourth his Court & his SubjectsFitzgerald Molloy1903I
268The Middle Eastern Question or Some Political Problem1903
269Trent’s Trust and other StoriesBret Harte1903
270India-Its Administration & ProgressSir John Strachey1903
271The Rise of the Dutch RepublicJohn Lothrop Motley1903I
272Indian Art at Delhi,1903Sir George Watt1903
273Firminger’s Manual Of GardeningW.Burns1904
274District Gazetteers of the United Provinces of AgraH.R.Nevill1904XXXVII
275Madras District Gazetteers – BellaryW. Francis1904
276Indian PaleographyJohann Georg Buhler1904XXXIII
277Lord Cardwell at the War OfficeRobert Biddulph1904
278The Private Lives of William II And His ConsortHenry Ww. Fischer1904
279The Diary of Sir John MooreSir J.F.Maurice1904I, II
280The Silken East a Record of Life And Travel in BurV.C. Scott O’connor1904II
281A Leader of Society at Napoleon’s CourtCatherine M. Bearne1904
282Personal Reminiscences of the First Duke of WellingtonMary E. Gleig1904
283My MemoirsHenri Stephan De Blowitz1904
284The Exploration of TibetGraham Sandberg1904
285A History of the Indian MutinyG.W. Forrest1904I, II
286The Works of Lord ByronJohn Murray1904I, II,III,IV, V, VI, VII
287Game,Shore & Water Birds of IndiaCol.A.Le Messurier1904
288Letters of TravelRudyard Kipling1904
289In Famine LandRev.J.E.Scott1904
290Adventures in TibetSven Hedin1904
291The Life of the Marquis of DalhousieSir William Lee-Warner1904I, II
292The Heart of the OrientMichael Myers Shoemaker1904
293Traffics & Discoveries, Stalky & Co., Just So Stories-For Little Children, Soldiers Three And Other Story , Debits & CreditsRudyard Kipling1904
294The PoemsAlgernon Charles Swinburne1904II
295Life And Death of John of BarneveldJohn Lothrop Motley1904
296The Rise of the Dutch RepublicJohn Lothrop Motley1904II, III
297The United NetherlandsJohn Lothrop Motley1904I,II,III,IV
298Life And Death of John of BarneveldJohn Lothrop Motley1904I
299History of the Delhi Coronation DurberStephen Wheeler1904
300Assam District Gazetteers LakhimpurB.C.Allen1905VIII
301Assam District Gazetteers – Naga Hills and ManipurB.C.Allen1905IX
302The Life of the Marquis of Dufferin and AvaSir Alferd Lyall1905I, II
303LhasaPerceval Landon1905I
304The Letters of Warren Hastings to his WifeSydney C. Grier1905
305A Staffofficer’s Scrap- BookSir Ian Hamilton1905
306Memoris If General Sir Henry Dermot DalyMajor H. Daly1905
307The Tragedies of Algernon Charles SwinburneThe Queen -Mother and Rosamond1905V
308A Modern UtopiaWells. H G1905
309Military Life of H.R.H. Geroge, Duke of CambridgeVerner, Willoughby1905I, II
310Rulers of India- Warren HastingsHunter William Wilson1905
311Tragedies of Algernon Charles SwinburneSwinburne1905II
312LhasaLandon Perceval1905II
313Indian Archeology 1899-19051905I
314Summary of the Administration of Lord Curzon of Kedleston, Viceroy and Governor-General of India1905
315Assam District GazetteersB.C.Allen1906X
316Bengal District GazetteersL.S.S.O’malley1906Pertain To Murshidabad, Puri, Monghyr, Howrah, Birbhum, Nadia, Purnea, Midnapore, Bhagalpur, Manbhum, Hooghly, Singhbhum, Jessore, Orissa, Rjshahi, Mymensingh, Bankur, Balasore, Khulna, Gaya, Shahabad, Cuttack, Muzaffarpur, Darbhanga, Darjeeling Districts
317Queens of Old SpainMartin Hume1906
318The Reminiscences of Lady Dorothy NevillRalph Nevill1906
319Ethnographic Notes in Southern IndiaEdgar Thurston1906
320Sir Joshua And His CircleFitzgerald Molloy1906II
321Wellington’s CampaignsMajor Gen C.W.Robinson1906II
322Comedy Queens of the Georgian EraJohn Fyvie1906II
323Things Indian BeingWilliam Crooke1906Discursive notes on various subjects connected with India
324Memoirs of Prince Chlodwig of Hohenlohe SchillingfGeorge W. Chrystal1906I
325Diaries of Lieut.-Col Sir A.H.Mcmahon,Amir’s VisitLieut.-Col Sir A.H.Mcmahon1906
326The Romance of An Eastern CapitalF.B. Bradley-Birt1906
327ConistonWinston Churchill1906
328Fontenoy and the War of the Austrian SuccessionFrancis Henry Skrine1906
329Personal & Literary Letters of Robert First Earl of LyttonLady Betty Balfour1906
330With the Russians in ManchuriaMaurice Baring1906
331Pierre Et JeanDe Maupassant1906
332The Transititon in AgricultureEdwin A. Pratt1906
333In The Days of the CometH.G.Wells1906
334Some Beauties of the Seventeenth CenturyAllan Fea1906
335The Face of ClayHorace Annesley Vachell1906
336A Queen of Queens & The Making of SpainChristopher Hare1906
337Fenwick’s CareerMrs. Humphry Ward1906
338A Friend of Marie-AntoinetteFrederic Barbey1906
339The Works of Robert Louis StevensonEdmund Gosse1906IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XVI, XVII, XVIII, XIX, XX13 Volumes AVL. ( I, II, III, XII, XIII, XIV, XV N.A. )
340Sir Joshua & His CircleFitzgerald Molloy1906I
341Lord Randolph ChurchillWinston Spencer Churchill1906I, II
342Memoirs of Prince Chlodwig of Hohenlohe SchillingfFriedrich Curtius1906II
343Personal & Literary Letters of Robert First Earl of LyttonLady Betty Balfour1906I
344Alexander Hamilton- An Essay on American UnionFrederick Scott Oliver1906
345Plain or RingletsJohn Leech1906II
346The Tragedies of Algernon Charles SwinburneAlgernon Charles Swinburne1906V
347Lord Randolph ChurchillLord Rosebery1906V
348The Works of Mrs.GaskellA.W.Ward1906III
349My Lady Ludlow & Other TalesMrs.Gaskell1906
350The Invasion of 1910William Le Queux1906
351Lhasa and its MysteriesWaddell, Austine1906
352The Royal Tour In India: A Record of the Tour of Trhthe Prince and Princess of Wales in India and Burma from Nov.1905 to Mar.1906Stanley Reed1906
353The Imperial Gazetteer of India the India Empire1907I, III, IV
354Central Provinces District Gazetteers – Betul DistR. V. Russell1907Part A
355Bengal District GazetteersL.S.S.O’malley1907Pertain to Palamu and Champaran Districts
356Central Provinces District Gazetteers : Balaghat DistrictC. E. Low1907Part A
357Rewah State GazetteerC. E. Luard1907IV
358Baluchistan District Gazetteer Series1907I
359The Province of BurmaAlleyne Ireland1907I, II
360Indian Texts Series Storia Do MogorNiccolao Manucci1907I- IV
361The Bombay CodeNiccolao Manucci1907II
362The Old Engravers of EnglandMalcolm C.Salaman1907
363American Notes & Pictures From ItalyCharles Dickens1907
364The Life of Robert First Lord CliveRev. G. R. Gleig1907
365Asiatic Studies-Religion and SocialSir Alferd C. Lyall1907
366Familiar FacesHarry Graham1907
367The Life of Charlotte BronteE. C. Gaskell1907
368Baluchistan District Gazetteer SeriesMakran and Kharan1907VII
369Queen Hortense and Her FriendsI. A. Taylor1907II
370From St. Francis to DanteG. G. Coulton1907
371Hindustan Under Free LancesH. G. Keene1907
372The Indian Countryside: A Calender and DiaryPercival C. Scott O’connor1907
373English Literature and Society in the Eighteenth CenturyLeslie Stephen1907
374Queens of Beauty and their RomanceW. Willmott Dixon1907I
375Gabrielle D’estrees1907
376The Last Empress of the FrenchPhilip W. Sergeant1907
377MemoriesMajor General Sir Owen Tudor Burne1907
378Running WaterA.E.W.Mason1907
379Queer Things About PersiaEustache De Lorey & Douglas Sladen1907
380Mandalay & Other Cities of the Past in BurmaV.C.Scott O’connor1907
381Sven Hedin Scientific Result of a Journey in Central AsiaDr. Nils Ekholm1907
382Imperial Gazetteer of India :The India EmpireHenery Frowde1907I – IV
383Imperial Gazetteer of India: Abazai to ArcotHenery Frowde1907V
384Imperial Gazetteer of India : Argaon to FardwanHenery Frowde1907VI
385Imperial Gazetteer of India : Bareilly To BarasiaHenery Frowde1907VII
386Imperial Gazetteer of India : Berhampore To BombayHenery Frowde1907VIII
387Imperial Gazetteer of India : Bomjur To Central IndiaHenery Frowde1907IX
388Imperial Gazetteer of India : Central Provinces To CoomptaHenery Frowde1907X
389Imperial Gazetteer of India : Coondapoor To EdwardesabadHenery Frowde1907XI
390Imperial Gazetteer of India : Einme To GwaliorHenery Frowde1907XII
391Imperial Gazetteer of India : Gyaraspur To JaisHenery Frowde1907XIII
392Imperial Gazetteer of India : Jaisalmer To KaraHenery Frowde1907XIV
393Imperial Gazetteer of India : Karachi To KotayamHenery Frowde1907XV
394Imperial Gazetteer of India : Kotchandpur To MahavinyakaHenery Frowde1907XVI
395Imperial Gazetteer of India : Mahbubabad To MoradabadHenery Frowde1907XVII
396Imperial Gazetteer of India : Moram To NayagrahHenery Frowde1907XVIII
397Imperial Gazetteer of India : Nayakanhatti To ParbhaniHenery Frowde1907XIX
398Imperial Gazetteer of India : Pardi To PusadHenery Frowde1907XX
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752A Set of SixJoseph Conrad1923
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1133Men,Women & ThingsThe Duke of Portland1936
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1177TalleyrandDuff Cooper1938
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1190A History of Indian PhilosophySurendranath Das Gupta1940III
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1207Muslims and the CongressRezaul Karim1941
1208A Prophet at HomeDouglas Reed1941
1209The Red Army MovesGeoffrey Cox1941
1210Willwar come to IndiaN.G. Jog1941
1211Rogue’s LutePhilip Rush1942
1212The Australian Imperial Force in FranceC.E.W. Bean1942
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1239India DividedRajendra Prasad1946
1240VictoryCharles Eade1946
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1244Lord Macaulay’s Legislative MinutesC.D. Dharker1946
1245Philosophers of ScienceNicolas Copernicus1947
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1247To the Gates of Liberty1947
1248The Last Days of HitlerTrevor Roper H R1947
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1261The Architecture of Sir Edwin LutyensA.S.G. Butler1950I, IIIVol. II N.A.

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