Bombay is one of the most up-to-date and advanced cities of world reputation in India. It attracts all and sundry from far and near, situated as it is on the sea-shore of the Arabian sea. It connects India with its water routes with all the main continents of the world. The sea with all its charms and routes, is the main source of its beauty and attraction.

Bombay is, the greatest centre of trade and commerce. It is the most developed part for imports as well as for exports, specially for cotton manufacturers and leather articles. Its bullion and cotton markets are famous all over the world. The presence of gas and oil in the Bombay High has added to its commercial importance and to the prosperity of the country as a whole.

Bombay is, in itself, a place worth alling. Its historical importance cannot be overemphasized. But it has many fine places that are worth seeing. Its Hanging gardens, its new and old Chaupati’s, guha and its suburbs are all worth seeing. The net work of electric trains more than seven hundred, run punctually to cater to the needs of the outgoing citizens and students and labourers and artisans. Punctuality and efficiency is wonderful. The sea with its roaring waves affords unsurpassed recreation to the pedestrians walking on the ‘chaupatis’ (Pucca walled seashore).

Life in the city is the most modern and costly. The people must observe punctuality and keep to their time schedule. Hotels, restaurents, cinema houses and beautiful shops and stalls heighten the internal charms of the city. Many storeyed flats and buildings have for their inmates the richest persons of the Indian society. The people in general are mostly educated and active and smart. It is the chief city of the Maharashtra state. It is well connected with the rest of the country by land and air routes. It certainly enhances the prestige of the country throughout the world.

There is no scope of in sanitation or dark localities in Bombay. Arrangements of water and electricity are most up-to-date and never tarnish the image of this great city. The residents too, keep an eye on the departments of the corporation and observe sanitary rules and atmosphere. They like and try for general cleanliness and show. One would hardly find dirty beggars roaming here and there. The scavengers and city sweepers are all awake to their duty. Slums of rubbish, and refused can hardly be seen anywhere. In high multistoreyed buildings electric lifts work day and night.

Bombay, the Gateway of India, is really the main entrance to the country and commands aeroplanes, ships, rains and steam boats in large numbers to meet the needs of the ever growing population. All must follow the rules of the road and traffic, otherwise accidents may multiply horribly. It is really a city worth seeing. not for the poor, but for the rich. Life is, of course, costly and civilised. Risky are the ways of western life and civilization and Bombay has no risks. It combines in itself all kinds of cultures and religions, creeds and fashions. Bombay, densely populated and very busy, never creates problems of hygiene, light or food. It one has money, one finds no problem there. The poor and the needy lead a fine life and never suffer from modern hardships. Bombay has the well-known refinery.

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