The masses and specially the political leaders glamour for all round progress and frame five year plans. But things are not done by rules and laws or by officers and government servants. Let the common people understand the need to work for one thing at a time. If you want to do something in the field of village uplift, take roads. or electricity or education only one thing. Let all people, offices, factories and mills work for it. For example, take roads first. Let all our manpower do it. Let the government seek the cooperation of all for roads and roads only. If this is done, we shall have roads to each and every village in no time.

Then we can begin our work in the field of electricity. Let all engineers, electricians, people, young men and women put in their quota of labour in this field. I think, we can supply electricity to every citizen whatever his or her requirements are. Our natural resources are too great to be handled in a scattered manner. Let all put in their might in the field of electricity. We can them make a wonderful advance in the village life. India, being a vast country, to have one thing at a time, is the best motto to follow.

If we have had roads and electricity, we should take up education. Let the educational institutions be classified according to the basic and local needs of the region. We should not try to be fool the masses, and put forward lame excuses. We have money and good specialized trainers and teachers. We have buildings, we have factories, mills, workshops in each and every town and city. Can we not harness them into our practical and vocational training, Remember one college or one school must adopt one sided activity, according to the need of its pupils. Thus and thus only, we can march forward. Begin with one step, then take another and so on.

Man wants food, house, cloth, education, medical aid Let us begin with, one by one. Agricultural schools must provide food. Civil engineers and masons must build house. Cloth mills and weaving centres should provide cloth, schools (junior type) should give all and sundry the basic needful education in there R’s i. e., in reading, writing and arithmetic. Do not make a fuss of all. Be clear in mind what we want. Provide accordingly.

The people and the government want to follow five year plans. It is a long and complicated process for which even the most efficient government machinery can do very little on one pretext or the other. I say, begin with one simple thing and complete it. Then undertake another field of activity and complete it. Success lies in this way. When we want to have a house, we first choose the site and later arrange for bricks, cement and wooden requirements and so on. We cannot make arrangements for all things necessary at one and the same time, for we are poor, uneducated and inexperienced people. Our government machinery can infuse a spirit of work among the masses for one thing at a time and not for all things at a time. We should not confuse our village brothers by varied slogans and golden cries. There is no magic to do all that we want. After all, human power-mental and manual, is limited. It can do one thing more efficiently than all things put together. There in lies the golden path of progress.

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