Tomato Cultivation

Introduction Tomatoes are the edible berries of the Solanum lycopersicum plant, also known as the tomato plant. Western South America and Central America are the origins of the species. The Spanish term tomate was derived from the Nahuatl word tomatl, from whence the English word tomato was derived. Its domestication and cultivation as a cultivated … Read more


Introduction Eggplant  or brinjal is a nightshade plant species in the Solanaceae family. The edible fruit of Solanum melongena is grown all over the world. The spongy, absorbent fruit, which is most typically purple, is utilised in a variety of cuisines. By botanical definition, it is a berry that is commonly used as a vegetable … Read more


Introduction The edible fruit of the watermelon is a flowering plant species of the Cucurbitaceae family. It is a highly cultivated fruit with over 1,000 variations. It is a scrambling and trailing vine-like plant. Growth Watermelon is grown in a variety of temperatures around the world, from tropical to temperate, for its enormous edible fruit, … Read more


Damage Control To avoid afloxaxin, dry the red chili on concrete platforms, tarpaulin, or polythene sheets for about 8 to 10 days which will keep the produce clean and free of dirt and it will also keep the chili from becoming rotten.  Trichoderma harzianum (1kg in 7 liters of water) and carbendazim (2g/liter) should be … Read more


During the rabi season, you should grow Bhima Shakti, Bhima Kiran, and Bhima Light Red onions, as well as Bhima Shubra and Bhima Safed white onions, which are the red onions.  For one hectare, you need about 7-10 kg of seeds. Pre-emergence herbicide pendimethalin at 0.2 percent should be used to control weeds in the … Read more

Food Crops in Karnataka

Paddy After harvesting the kharif paddy crop, leave it out in the open for 2-3 days to dry in the sun. Maintain a moisture content of 12-14 percent in the grain for storing purposes. Rabi paddy nursery can be started using paddy types approved for each agro-climatic zone in the state. Paddy Neck Blast Illness: … Read more