Damage Control

  • To avoid afloxaxin, dry the red chili on concrete platforms, tarpaulin, or polythene sheets for about 8 to 10 days which will keep the produce clean and free of dirt and it will also keep the chili from becoming rotten. 
  • Trichoderma harzianum (1kg in 7 liters of water) and carbendazim (2g/liter) should be sprayed on seedling roots. 
  • At 4g/kg, seeds are treated with seedpro and grown under 40 mesh nylon nets.
  • Trichoderma or Arka Microbial Consortium can be added to FYM. 

Pest Control

  • Rainfed NPK: 100-50-50 kg/ha, and Irrigated NPK: 150-75-75 kg/ha. This is how RDF works: Spray vegetable special (5g/lit) at 30, 60, and 90 DAP on both irrigated and rain-fed crops. 
  • Then, spray 1gm/lit carbendazim or 3g/g wettable sulphur at two sprays every 15 days for two weeks. 
  • As a trap crop you can grow one row of marigold for every eight rows of chili. 
  • Use aluminum-surfaced reflective agri-mulch to scare away insect vectors and set up yellow sticky traps for pest management and plant two rows of maize as a border crop. 
  • Acephate 75WP, Fipronil 5 percent SC, Imidachloprid 70WG, and neem oil and sagarika 2.5ml/lit are all good insecticides to use until the plants start flowering and putting on fruit.

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