During the rabi season, you should grow Bhima Shakti, Bhima Kiran, and Bhima Light Red onions, as well as Bhima Shubra and Bhima Safed white onions, which are the red onions. 

For one hectare, you need about 7-10 kg of seeds. Pre-emergence herbicide pendimethalin at 0.2 percent should be used to control weeds in the nursery.

Damage Control

  • To avoid damage from damping off, the seeds should be treated with thiram at a rate of 2 g/kg of seed Benomyl at 0.2 percent should be sprayed on the leaves of plants in the nursery to keep soil-borne diseases at bay. 
  • The best way to deal with thrips is to apply Fipronil, or profenopos, at a rate of 0.1 percent to the leaves.
  • The seedlings for Rabi season are ready to be transplanted in 40 to 45 days after sowing (DAS). 

Irrigation System

  • Distance between two built-in emitters should be between 30 and 50 cm and the flow rate should be 4 l/hr.
  •  As far as sprinklers are concerned, there should be 6 meters between two of the micro sprinklers (20 mm) and 135 liters of water per hour flow through them.

Pest Control

  • Fertilizers should be applied at NPK 40:40:60 kg /ha as a base, and the rest of the 70 kg N should be applied through drip irrigation in seven separate splits.
  • Split doses should be applied every week from the time of transplantation to 60 DAT. 
  • 0.2 percent Oxyfluorfen and 23.5 percent EC should be used before planting and one hand weeding at 40-60 days after transplanting to get the best bulb yield and weed control (65-80 percent). 
  • This is a mix of NPKS, organic manures equal to 15 t of FYM, organic manures, and Azospirillum and Phosphorus solubilizing bacteria at 5 kg each per hectare. 
  • Spray fungicides and pesticide together to keep thrips and purple blotch at bay.
  • It includes Mancozeb at 0.25 percent with Methomyl and Tricyclazole at 0.1 percent with 
  • Carbosulphan and Hexaconazole at 0.1% with profenofos at 1% for the next three sprays:
    • 30 days after transplanting,
    • 45 days after transplanting, and
    • 60 after transplanting, when the plants have grown for a full year.

Farmers who want to grow onions for seed should keep 500 to 1000 meters from each other when doing so. This will help keep the seeds pure. Carbendazim 50 WP should be sprayed on the bulbs at 1gm./lit before they are put in the ground. To get more seeds, it’s best to have two honeybee colonies set up.

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