Food Crops in Karnataka


  • After harvesting the kharif paddy crop, leave it out in the open for 2-3 days to dry in the sun.
  • Maintain a moisture content of 12-14 percent in the grain for storing purposes.

Rabi paddy nursery can be started using paddy types approved for each agro-climatic zone in the state.

Paddy Neck Blast Illness:

 Neck lesions are grayish brown in color and induce girdling, causing the neck and panicle to droop. Spray Tebuconazole 50% and Trifloxystrobin 25% at a rate of 4 g per 10 liters of water. Leaf roller in Paddy: Look for clear and longitudinal white streaks, as well as tubular folded leaves, on damaged leaves. Spray Flubendiamide 20 percent WG at a rate of 20 g per 100 liters of water or Flubendiamide 48 SC at a rate of 8 g per 100 liters of water (While spraying water should drain off from the field).


How to increase yield:

  • Finger millet yields can be increased by applying 3-4 tonnes of FYM, 20 kg of nitrogen, 10 kg of phosphorus, and 10 kg of potash to each acre. This will help the finger millet grow.
  •  Nitrogen should be split up into two doses. One should be given at the time of sowing, and the other should be given 6-7 weeks later.


How to increase yield:

  • People should grow hybrid types of maize that are better than normal maize, such as MAH-14-5, Hema, and Nithyashree.
  • The spacing between rows of maize should be 60 x 30 cm to keep the plants healthy.
  • NPK 60:30:15 kg of fertilizer is applied to each acre (full dose P & K, 20 kg N, 4 kg ZnSo4 applied to the soil before planting, remaining 20 kg N applied 3-4 weeks after sowing).
  • For one crop, spray Atrazine at 1 kg ai/acre three days after sowing. This will help keep the maize field free of weeds.
  • The best way to get rid of fall armyworms is to spray 0.4g of Emamectin benzoate 5 SG per liter of water on maize.


How to increase yield:

It was used as a pre-emergence herbicide: Pendimethalin 30 EC (3.25 liters per acre) was used. Zinc Sulphate and Ferrous Sulphate (8 kg/ac) mixed with 16 kg vermicompost should be added to the soil after 10 days of shade drying. Spray Zinc Sulphate at 5 gm/lit at the tassel stage of the crops. This will help the plants grow stronger.

Red Gram

Spray Pulse magic (10 gm/lit) when the crop is at 50% flowering and again after fifteen days.

One gram of carbendazim and 10 gram of “pulse magic” can be added to a gallon of water to treat leaf spot and flower drop.

How to get rid of pests?

  • IPM

Black gram/ Green gram

After harvesting paddy, depending on how much moisture is left in the soil, go ahead and plant black gram in the ground. At 8 to 10 kg per acre, you can grow T-9, Rashmi, or any other local black gram varieties. You can also plant green gram varieties like KKM-3 or any other local varieties at 6-8 kg per acre.

Irrigation technique:

  • Sprinkler irrigation can be used as a form of protection if there is enough water for irrigation. In the middle of the flowering stage of the crop, spray Pulse magic or pulse special (10 gm/lit) at 50% flowering.
  • Spray again after fifteen days.


How to protect them:

  • Early sowing and seed priming with CaCl2 (2 percent) should be done to make plants more resistant to drought. There should be 25 kg of resistant variety Jaki-9218 in each field. For dry root rot and wilt to not happen, treat the seeds with Trichiderma 8 gramme per kg seeds. Rhizobium seed treatment and PSB 500 g / ha are bio-fertilizers that are used in the soil.
  • Prior to growing, Pendimethalin 30 EC (3.25) was sprayed on the land.
  • Grow sunflower seeds so that birds can perch on them.

How to increase yield:

  • As soon as the flowers start to bloom, spray 2 percent urea on them. After the crop has grown for 35 to 40 days, nipping is a good way to increase the yield.
  • To get more pods and pod weight at the flowering stage, spray pulse magic (5gm/L of water).
  • The use of traps and lures (10 per acre) is used to deal with the pod borer. Coriander (6:1) should be grown as a trap crop for the pod borer to avoid. Use 0.25 ml of the chemical spinosad per liter of water to keep the pod borer away.

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