Introduction Father I do not drink for my life,’ ‘Wine is poison’ and ‘To drink wine is to call death any foreigner from the Western countries shall be surprised to see these posters on the walls of this country. There was a time in our country when on the roads of the cities people under … Read more


Introduction I like to read books but I always try to find out good books. I try to avoid trash. I believe in wise reading, not in wide reading. My choice generally falls on two kinds of books, poetry and biography. I read other kinds of books but only for the sake of pure relaxation. … Read more


Introduction There are three monumental legacies of Mahatma Gandhi, Nishkam, Karamyoga and Sarvodaya. The word Sarvodaya’ is purely a Hindi word, emanated from the holy lips of Mahatma Gandhi. The word ‘Sarvodaya’ means the all sided progress or the progress of all human beings irrespective of caste, creed and colour. The Mahatma lived and died … Read more


Introduction Mahatma Gandhi, the greatest Indian born after Shankaracharya, is universally known as the father of Indian Nation. His name is immortal in the history of India and the world. Not only India but also the whole mankind is proud of him. We may hesitate to consider him a superman but we all most willingly … Read more