Pulses in Bihar

Bihar, one of India’s most major pulse-growing and-consuming states, contributes roughly 2.35 percent of the state’s gross cropped area (7-8%) and 3.06 percent of production. Pulses had a productivity range of 819 kg/ha in 2000-01 to 897 kg/ha in 2013-14. Gram Varieties: Cultivate a disease-resistant and enhanced chickpea cultivar to increase output. RSG 44, Pusa … Read more

Advisory for WHEAT and GRAM in JHARKHAND

Wheat Improved varieties: Timely irrigated condition: HD3249; HD3086; K1006; K0307; Birsa Gehu-3; HD2967; DBW39; HI1612; NW5052; Karan Bandana; (DBW187); Raj 4120; NW5054; K9107; PBW443; HD2733; CBW 38 & HI 1556. Timely unirrigated condition: K1317; HD3171; HI1612. Late irrigated condition: HI1563; DBW 107; HD3118; HD2985; DBW-14; PBW373; HD 2643; WR544 & RAJ 3765. Rani-fed Condition: HI1612; … Read more