Advisory for WHEAT and GRAM in JHARKHAND

Wheat Improved varieties: Timely irrigated condition: HD3249; HD3086; K1006; K0307; Birsa Gehu-3; HD2967; DBW39; HI1612; NW5052; Karan Bandana; (DBW187); Raj 4120; NW5054; K9107; PBW443; HD2733; CBW 38 & HI 1556. Timely unirrigated condition: K1317; HD3171; HI1612. Late irrigated condition: HI1563; DBW 107; HD3118; HD2985; DBW-14; PBW373; HD 2643; WR544 & RAJ 3765. Rani-fed Condition: HI1612; … Read more

Rabi Crops: About Wheat production

Rabi crops: Wheat

About Wheat: Wheat is planted on a third of India’s agricultural land. It is India’s most significant food grain, second only to rice, and the main food of millions of Indians, notably in the country’s northern and north-western regions. It’s high in proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates, and it’s a complete meal. After China, India is the … Read more