Pulses in Bihar

Bihar, one of India’s most major pulse-growing and-consuming states, contributes roughly 2.35 percent of the state’s gross cropped area (7-8%) and 3.06 percent of production. Pulses had a productivity range of 819 kg/ha in 2000-01 to 897 kg/ha in 2013-14. Gram Varieties: Cultivate a disease-resistant and enhanced chickpea cultivar to increase output. RSG 44, Pusa … Read more

Tips for Field crops in Andaman & Nicobar Island Region

Pulses: Seed hardening of a green gramme or black gramme seeds for dryland ecosystems using 100 ppm MnSO4 at a 1:0.3 ratio for 3 hours and drying back to original seed moisture content (8 – 9 per cent) under shade. As a relay crop, distribute 20 kg of a green gramme or black gramme seeds … Read more