Tips on field Crops in Assam

Transplanted early Ahu Rice: Field selection: Fields with guaranteed irrigation facilities should be chosen. Soils with a coarse to medium texture are ideal. Nursery management includes placing seeds in plain water, stirring them thoroughly, and discarding those that float. Mid-February is the best time to plant seeds in a nursery bed. The land should be … Read more

Livestock specific advisory for SIKKIM

Cattle and Goats: To avoid the spread of infections, strict cleanliness and sanitation must be maintained on farm grounds. Regular supplementation of mineral combination @50-60g/day to adult cows and calcium @70-80ml/day/cow to lactating and pregnant cows is critical for milking cows to achieve maximum output and productivity while avoiding illness recurrence. To keep animals healthy, … Read more

Horticulture tips on Andaman & Nicobar Island

Brinjal: Choose high yielding round fruited cultivars according to local market needs. For fruit and shoot borer control, Integrated Pest Management approaches should have been used. Bacterial wilt resistant brinjal types such as CARI brinjal-1, & 2, as well as various local private company kinds Tomato: Lime treatments at a rate of 100kg/acre prior to … Read more

Livestock and Fishery management in Andaman & Nicobar Island

Livestock: After the rainy season, livestock should be adequately dewormed for internal parasites and dipped for external parasites in collaboration with veterinary physicians, state veterinary departments, or KVKs. Vaccination schedules for livestock illnesses should be followed as recommended by the state Veterinary Department, for example, immunisation for swine fever in pigs, vaccination for FMD in … Read more

Tips for Field crops in Andaman & Nicobar Island Region

Pulses: Seed hardening of a green gramme or black gramme seeds for dryland ecosystems using 100 ppm MnSO4 at a 1:0.3 ratio for 3 hours and drying back to original seed moisture content (8 – 9 per cent) under shade. As a relay crop, distribute 20 kg of a green gramme or black gramme seeds … Read more