“Men are born to live. Their main object of life is to live, survive and not to be perished and killed. The basic instinct of men is to live and not to ruin or to be ruined.” These words have completely changed. The birth of unclear energy has created havoc in the world. The life of man is not safe and secure. As such in a world of tension, living under the shadow of nuclear holocaust, if men wants to survive, he will have to fight with the evils of the world and with the forces of destruction and war. As such there is the need of international understanding. The world is full of ‘ism’ and ideologies’. If we want to live in a world free from war and destruction we will have to break the barriers of ideologies and ‘isms’. We will have to accept the principle of peaceful co-existence. We will have to strive for international understanding for a world authority under which all the nations of the world will be undoubtedly free to change their course of action according to their genuine need without any consideration of political ideologies.

The problems of all the men of all countries are same. The people of the world are fighting to conquer nature and to master science and technology. Their aim is to bring peace in the world with prosperity and sufficiency of everything. But this peace, prosperity and sufficiency cannot be achieved without international understanding. If there is the tension in the mind of man, if there is the fear of war, man cannot try for peace. People of the world will have to crush the tension of war and destructive elements to conquer peace and prosperity. For this aim, we will have to fight for international understanding and will have to strive for one World Government.

The problem of international understanding

Now as the world have realized that the national barriers must be broken. These barriers divide men and nation. The men have realized this thing because they wish to survive and not to be perished. Now men have started to think over the problem of international understanding. As such the men are thinking to have one world authority, a World Government based on international understanding and good-wild This International Government or Government will ensure peace and progress. It will give the chance of prosperity to the people of the world.

If we want to serve the human race, we will have to consider this point. If really we are interested to live and progress some sort of a world state based on international understanding is sure to be founded. This is the age when all the barriers are breaking down, when science with technology is trying to remove poverty and maintaining peace, the goal appears to be in our grip. We have to simply hold it and make it our state. If we do not solve this problem-the problem of international understanding -we are sure to be ruined.

The Two World Wars and their effects

It would not be impetiment here to describe something about two great world wars and their consequences. This will enable us to lay force on international understanding. We all know that the First World War (1914 to 1919) and the Second Great World War of 1939 to 1945, shattered the entire economic edifice of the world. It gave birth to fear, distrust and suspicion. On account of these things the nations are always in the hope of the next world war and so they have become -self centered. During the war, people knowingly and willingly propagate falsehood and lie. This becomes the normal habit of men even when war is over. This thing is present even today in the world. Now one or two nations can do nothing. There is the need of unity of all the nations to defeat the ills of war and to restore the actions to economic prosperity of the world. The joint efforts of all the nations of the world will wipe off the tears of war and destruction.

All the nations are fighting single-handed to defeat poverty and unemployment but they can do nothing separately. The people will have to be international minded giving up national outlook. They all will have to co-operate with one another to defeat poverty and unemployment. The feeling of nationalism must be changed into internationalism. A concern of universal brotherhood, friendliness and good-will must prevail. As soon as this feeling arises in our mind, they problem of international understanding will arise itself.

There should be political freedom and economic freedom for all people of the world. Inequality in any sphere is highly objectionable and hateful. All the big nations of the world, all the prosperous nations of the world must see that no nation of the world should remain poor and starved. They must join their hands together and try to help such poor nations where men are at the verge of death due to starvation. All the military powerful nations must see that no weak countries are ruined or conquered by the strong countries. The bad consequences of the First and the Second World Wars opened the eyes of the world. A large number of people had to die in war and millions of people had to starve and die on account of the dangerous after-effects of war. As such the nations of the world must unite together and see that no man of the world is going to die of starvation. All the nations must help the backward and under developed countries of the world without and selfish motive.

Our beloved Prime Minister, Pt. Nehru warned the nations of the world again and again while he was alive that aid with strings and selfish motive defeats the very purpose for which it is given. India was running in a short food condition as she is doing today. Pt. Nehru accepted the aid of America but declared clearly that India was not bound morally or in any other way to be a slave of America. The people of India would prefer to die if America was pointing to put some conditions on India, while giving aid to her. As such, we see that and must be given freely without any political or economic conditions imposed upon hard hit countries.

What to do to maintain international understanding

We have come to the conclusion that there is great need of International understanding to defeat poverty and to bring prosperity among the nations of the world. There are certain conditions for maintaining international understanding. The more important ones are:

(1) First of all, we have to scarp all military pacts and will have to renounce narrow nationalism. This narrow nationalism divides nations into many groups.

(2) We will have to try that no further blocks or pacts are going to be formed. If people of the world can form the pacts, they can break it also. If the people of the world can fight and bring poverty and destruction to the people of the world, they can check it also. We will have to wipe off the differences and conflicts for international understanding.

(3) There is the great need of common ideology among all the nations of the world. The international brotherhood cannot be considered without the common ideology. So long there are the conflict ing political ideologies mutual fear, suspicion and political and economic exploitation will exist in the world and this will be the greatest hindrance in the way of international understanding.

(4) For the foundation of international understanding, exploitation, racial hatred and narrow national interest must be completely avoided. All the nations of the world must be joined together and must obey the order of the international body. Justice political, economic both, equality and co-operation must be the principles of the one world body.


In the end, it may be said that there is great need of international understanding today to wipe off the poverty from the world and to secure peace and order. The idea of international understanding is not a dream. The world of today is marching ahead and if the people have to exist in the world, the feeling of international understanding will not be far away. This is the way for peace and prosperity of the world.

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