The lesson of history and specially of two world wars has been that out of violence and hatred only violence and hatred can come; love and co-operation cannot come. The last World War has devastated the world to that extent that the nations of the world are so much horrified that they are making all possible efforts to avoid the Third World War. The invention of new weapons like nuclear weapons has made the nations conscious of the grave consequences of a world war. We all know that if the Third World War breaks out, there will be left no human being on earth to relish the fruits of victory. Thus, no nation of the world is in a mood to participate in a World War or instigate any other nation to start such a war. No nation is free from problems-No nation of Asia, Europe, Africa and America is free from problems of international magnitude. In the East of Africa, Formosa is a bone of contention between communist China and Nationalist China. This conflict is a point of interest for America. Thus, the situation has become more complicated than it should have been, Indonesia has been under the impression that Malaysia is the creation of imperialist nations and it exists only to fulfill the selfish ends of reactionary nations. Indonesia has been exerting utmost efforts for too many years to crush Malaysia. With this intention, she has severed her relation with the United Nations so that she might be free from the bondage of the United Nations. But the revolution in Indonesia and the elimination of the Chinese impact have solved the problem and Indonesia has again become a member of the United Nations.

Situation of international tension

The Vietnam affair is of international interest. A mere spark of war in Vietnam may set fire to the whole world. America, North-Vietnam and China are equally interested in this war. On October 22, 1966 seven of the nations of the world failed to find out a final solution of this problem at the Manila Conference. China has created atmosphere of inter national tension by attacking the northern borders of India. She has strained her relations with Russia by offending her borders. Pakistan has attacked India twice on pretext of Kashmir and her intention even now is malicious. In Europe, Germany is a cause of quarrel between Russia and Western nations. It Middle East, the situation has become explosive on account of serious differences between Israel and Arab nations. Cyprus has been the cause of dis agreement between Greece and Turkey. In Africa, the situation i full of tension on account of Rhodesia. In Angola, the Portuguese imperialism is committing untold atrocities and some nations are impatient to teach her an unforgettable lesson. Cuba had been a headache to the United Nations. In 1962, when the Communist China made an unprovoked attack on India, Cuba was a point of keen differences between America and Russia, but any how, the use of weapons was avoided. In this way, the situation is tense at so many places in the world. Anyone of the above mentioned situation is sufficient to be a point of international war.

Efforts for peace

The world has become wiser and cleverer than it had been in the past. The modern world is divided into two power blocks. Russia and the United States of America are the mighty leaders of these two blocks. If they do not lose balance of thinking, there is no possibility of the Third World War. These two nations are afraid of each other. They are barking and snarling at each other, but they are not so hot-headed as to enter into a direct conflict. They are fully conscious of the fact that if once the inter national war breaks out, it would not be possible for them or any body else to control the war. Hence, they are dealing with the international problems cool-mindedly. The late John Kennedy and the former Russian Prime Minister, Nikita Khruschev made sincere efforts to solve the problems of fundamental differences non-violently. Their successors are following more or less the same policy. The Moscow Treaty related to the atomic tests has mitigated inter national tension. In addition to these good omens, the progressive nations of Asia and Africa are eager to maintain peace and harmony in the world and are intending to have a better standard of living by avoiding war.

China A mischief-monger-Among the peace-loving nations of the world, China is the only mischief-monger, who wants to solve the international problems by means of the use of arms. The Chinese leaders have eternal faith in the cult of war. China attacked a peace-loving nation, India, being unmindful of international etiquette and the principle of Panch-Sheel. She instigated Pakistan against India, and made Pakistan attack. In the Indo Pak war, both India and Pakistan suffered severely, but Pakistan came to learn a great lesson and if she is wise, she will not think of using arms against India any more. All the evil dreams of China are skattered and now she is trying to terrorize the weak nations of the world by means of atomic tests. Revolutions in Algeria and Ghana have discouraged China and the Africa nations are too wise to fall into the trap of China. The gulf between Russia and China is becoming wider every day.


The modern world now lacks leadership. At present, the world stands in need of a prince of peace and non violence of the order of Mahatma Gandhi. India counts in the world affairs today and we hope that she will count much more tomorrow. The nations of the world must sit around a table and think over disarmament seriously and declare China, an international outlaw. Then there will be no danger of the Third World war.

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