Sir Winston Churchil in his famous book “The Second World War” describes very emphatically that the Second World War was the result of the policy of disarmament which the democratic nations of Western Europe, in general and France and Great Britain, in particular, constantly followed after the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler started his campaign of unprovoked aggression because he knew that the other nations of Europe were not fully prepared militarily to resist him. This military unpreparedness on the part of some of the European nations made the German dictator greedy and over-ambitious. On this theory, Churchil may be brand ed as war-monger but the glaring fact cannot be ignored. The fact is that a weak nation’s survival is always at stake in the modern world. Weakness is the greatest curse or sin. It is an invitation to aggression from outside. The history of humanity is replete with countless examples which can be quoted to support this view. So it is beyond dispute and doubt that strength to defend one’s territorial integrity, honor and freedom is the first and foremost requisite of existence in the world.

The lesson of history and the need of armament

In spite of one’s outstanding progress in the field of civilization and culture, the use of force is the last approach for setting international disputes. When the arm chair patriots, called politicians and diplomats fail to find out any solution to the problem of international conflicts, the active patriots being dressed up in military uniform and taking up rifle come in front to settle the disputes of international level. This armament is very necessary for the security of a nation. If during the Second World War, England, France and the other allies had not collected armaments without delay, democracy and human civilization would have been trampled under the feet of German soldiers. Indians cannot forget the historical fact that the tribal raiders and Pakistani troops attacked the beautiful valley of Kashmir and Raza kars made crude efforts to create choas in Hyderabad. The situations could be brought under control because Indian armies were strong and prompt in action.

Indian and her neighbors

China and Pakistan-India is a peace loving nation in the true sense. India wants to remain in peace and would make all possible efforts for the maintenance of peace in the world. Some believe in the principle of Panch Sheel. But wild pass ions and animal instincts are predominant in man and the only shield against them is force. As we saw in internal conflicts regarding Kashmir and Razakars, we are seeing the same tragedy in the inter national sphere today. China made an unprovoked attack on India and swallowed a considerable part of our territory. We had to put a very sorry figure before the world when one complete brigade of the Indian army surrendered the to an end but our territory is still in the Chinese threat is a source of army. The war came to China. Besides anxiety this, to us. The Chinese attack taught us a good lesson and we girded up our loins. In 1965, we had to face another her aggression. Our nearest neighbour made a lesson. well-prepared attack on us. As we had been taught a good lesson by Pakistan a good At the time of the China in 1962, we taught, the Indian forces and arms once again liberation of Bangladesh showed their supremacy over Pakistan. It is beyond doubt that armament is very essential for a nation to exist and survive in the present day world. Numberless examples can be quoted to support this opinion. During the recent past, we have seen a miracle in the international field. A small country, Israel, with her two and a half million population taught an unforgettable lesson to the haughtly people of Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Iraq and rang a loud bell of alarm in the ears of the people of all the other Arab countries. Israel exists as a minor country in the midst of arrogant nations who are not prepared even to accept her existence and are impatient to wipe it out of the map of the world. Israel has shown to the world that no international body is mighty enough to safeguard the territorial integrity of a nation; only a well-equipped army can defend a nation.

United Nations and World Peace

We have set up an international machinery, the United Nations, for resolving the differences around a table. On the other hand, we have to pile up armaments. The world is standing on the brink of third war being divided into two powerful blocks. China is a powerful nuisance in the international affairs. Collusion between China and Pakistan against India has made us more conscious of our forces. Nobody can be happy at the turn, events are taking today. All the nations of the world are distrustful and afraid of one another. Peaceful negotiations do not seem to bear fruit of compromise. The logical conclusion, therefore, seems to be a headlong clash, sooner or later.


We have failed to get back the one-third of Kashmir from Pakistan in spite of our best persuasion through United Nations. China is still knocking at our door like a hungry bear. Rearmament is the only permanent check. In theory or in contemplation disarmament and pectifism are highly laudable but in practice, they seem to be impossible. Till there is change of heart, Indians must learn to handle a rifle and shoot their enemies without delay and mercy. The Indian Government coming out of the clouds. of idealism and philosophical approach should ask the scientists to invent atom bomb and hydrogen bomb or any other bomb more effective than these two because China and Pakistan have joined hands with each other and are looking towards India with malicious intentions. The tragedy of the Chinese attack is still fresh in out memory-a vivid patch.

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