Ideal differs from person to person and nation to nation. An ideal college existing in India may not be looked upon as ideal in England and the U. S. A. India is an ancient land with her own traditions and conventions and she is proud of them. India is also conscious of the new changes in the modern world. An ideal college in its attitude towards education should keep mind India’s old culture and should be conscious of the modern development in the world.

Aims of an ideal college

An ideal college should aim at imparting perfect education to its students. Perfect education is a very abstract term. It means the harmonious development of the child’s personality. An ideal college should lay emphasis on the development of the body, mind and soul at one at the same time. It should give all possible facilities to the students for mental development and should infuse among them a passion for knowledge. As knowledge is power, the development is impossible in the world without a mind enriched by knowledge and nursed in the cradle of classical books. The study of classical books draws a person towards spiritualism and in the long run makes him or her a superior human being. An ideal college should provide opportunities for playing games and sports. A sickly young man is a perpetual liability to his motherland. An ideal college should necessarily aim at the moral development and excellent character-building. It should not let moss gather around the soul of its students. In the modern world, technical education has got a considerable importance in the field of education. An ideal college should provide sufficient scope for technical, industrial and training. vocational guidance and

Students, Teachers and Principal of an ideal college

An ideal college should maintain a high standard of discipline among its students. A class of indisciplined students is in no way superior to a gang of dacoits add robbers. An ideal college may have or may not have a beautiful building but it should maintain a commendable standard of discipline among its students and teachers. There should be perfect harmony among the members of its staff; they all should be well-paid, qualified and well controlled. They should work with a team spirit. The Principal of an ideal college should be a man of scholarship and high moral character who may command universal respect. There should be close contacts between the Principal and other members of staff and between the students and the teachers. The classes should not be unwieldy. In a nutshell an ideal college should not aim at the exploitation of teachers and should not look like a large scale factory. It should have a limited number of students on its rolls and a well qualified and well-paid teaching staff.


At an ideal college, there should be proper arrangement of extra-curricular activities of properly canalizing the surplus energy of students. An ideal college should be situated at a place quite away from the hurry and worry of civil life. A kind of serene atmosphere comprising the spirit of education and selfless service should pervade and ideal college.

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