In the modern world, no serious-minded man can question the right of education. In olden times, women were kept in the darkness of ignorance. Now women’s claim to the light of knowledge is admitted by all. There is a controversy only about the type of education women should receive. Now unanimous opinion can be given about it.

The old doctrine

The old doctrine ‘Man for the field and woman for the hearth’ is unconditionally rejected. The strong advocates of equal rights of women argue that women are as much for the field as for the kitchen. They should study in schools, colleges and universities as freely as men. After their schooling, they should be allowed to enter the various professions on an equal footing with men.

Curriculum of women education

In spite of the arguments and oppositions put forth by many sober people, girls more or less, receive the same education as boys do. Every where the curriculum is the same whether it is a girls’ institution or boys’ institution. There is a minor departure in the school stage from the normal practice that there are some subjects like Music and Home Science meant specially for girls. Normally, the syllabi to boys and girls are the same. Now it is a serious and important question whether boys and girls should receive the same type of education. Are their aims and objects the same in life? Has nature made them to learn the same things and to do the same type of work?

The aims of women education

In the early stage of life boys and girls should be taught the same subjects. Both, boys and girls must learn Elementary Arithmetic, a little Geography and History, and a few other subjects. But in advanced stage, different subjects should be taught to the boys and the girls. Advanced study of Chemistry or Physics has no use in the life of an average Indian Education is a kind of preparation for life and not a mere load. School education which is broad based, is undoubtedly essential for girl but higher liberal or technical education to girls is a point of discussion. In our country, very few educated girls like to enter every Generally, girls receive University education as a social sentimental because it is a passport for good marriage. The truth is that every girl should ponder over her goal seriously before joining a college or university. If she has the ambition in life to be come a medical doctor, professor, administrator, leader or lawyer. University education will certainly prove an invaluable help to her. But if she harbors the ambition of being a good housewife and mother, she should not waste her time on mastering the complicated subjects like Zoology and Metaphysics. The modern University education cannot equip a girl to become a good housewife, a sweet companion for her husband or an enlightened mother. For this purpose they should try to specialism themselves in fine arts, household duties, Child Psychology and Hygiene girl.


A French writer his well said, “One who educates a boy, educates an individual, one who educates a girl, educates a family”. In our country, the education of girls is very backward. Only a small number of girls living in cities, can receive education. Girls living in villages go entirely without it. Urgent reforms should be made in this field to change the outlook of women towards life and society.

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