Advisory for Mustard in Haryana & New Delhi

Sowing season: The best time to plant a mustard crop is between September 30 to October 20. Enhanced varieties: RH-30, Uravarshi, RH-8812, RH-0749, RH-9304, RB-50, Pusa Mustard-32 for irrigated situations (Bio-fortified). RH-725, RB-50, RH-406, RH-0119 for rainfed situations. Rate of seeding and treatment: Irrigated crops require a seed rate of 3.5 kg/ha. For rainy crops, … Read more

Horticulture Crops in Haryana & New Delhi

For insect management in citrus plants, apply 1250 ml monocrotophos 36 SL in 1250 litre water /ha in September. If you haven’t used manure or fertiliser on your guava trees yet, now is the time to start. For wilt disease management, apply 15g Bavistin per plant. It is recommended that a foliar treatment of 2.5 … Read more

Rabi Crop Production in Uttar Pradesh

Wheat Wheat demands a clayey loam soil that is well drained. Wheat can, however, be grown successfully in both sandy loam and black soil. It’s sowed when the average daily temperature drops to around 22-23 0C, as it did in October and November of last year. Seed rates of 100 kg/ha for medium grain types, … Read more