Advisory for Mustard in Haryana & New Delhi

Sowing season: The best time to plant a mustard crop is between September 30 to October 20. Enhanced varieties: RH-30, Uravarshi, RH-8812, RH-0749, RH-9304, RB-50, Pusa Mustard-32 for irrigated situations (Bio-fortified). RH-725, RB-50, RH-406, RH-0119 for rainfed situations. Rate of seeding and treatment: Irrigated crops require a seed rate of 3.5 kg/ha. For rainy crops, … Read more

Animal Husbandry in Haryana & New Delhi

Keep a tight eye on animals in September for signs of coming into heat, since they should be mated at the appropriate time. Feed and hay that has been prepared more than a week ago should be avoided. Also, provide newborn animals proper diet and nutrition management, and if necessary, treat them under the supervision … Read more

Horticulture Crops in Haryana & New Delhi

For insect management in citrus plants, apply 1250 ml monocrotophos 36 SL in 1250 litre water /ha in September. If you haven’t used manure or fertiliser on your guava trees yet, now is the time to start. For wilt disease management, apply 15g Bavistin per plant. It is recommended that a foliar treatment of 2.5 … Read more