Livestock management in Uttar Pradesh

The temperature gets cold during Rabi season, so we need to create suitable precautions to safeguard our animals from cold stress so that they don’t get sick (respiratory difficulties) and can continue to produce. Dairy Animals Feed additional roughages (hay, straws, etc.) or forages (berseem) to keep the dairy cows’ milk production and body heat … Read more

Rabi Crop Production in Uttar Pradesh

Wheat Wheat demands a clayey loam soil that is well drained. Wheat can, however, be grown successfully in both sandy loam and black soil. It’s sowed when the average daily temperature drops to around 22-23 0C, as it did in October and November of last year. Seed rates of 100 kg/ha for medium grain types, … Read more

Fodder Management in Uttar Pradesh

Berseem and oat are the two most important feed crops. In the case of Berseem, Due to better production potential, succulence, palatability, nutritional value, and a seven-month continuous supply of fodder. It is regarded as the “King of Fodders.” It not only provides protein, calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals, but it also improves the soil’s … Read more

Soil care and Fruit Production in Uttar Pradesh

Soil Management: Soil testing for all fields is required for soil management, as is ensuring that each field has its own soil health card. To maintain soil health, it is recommended that an appropriate amount of inorganic fertiliser be applied depending on the soil health card. Grain Storage: Grain Storage is a term used to … Read more