Soil care and Fruit Production in Uttar Pradesh

Soil Management:

Soil testing for all fields is required for soil management, as is ensuring that each field has its own soil health card. To maintain soil health, it is recommended that an appropriate amount of inorganic fertiliser be applied depending on the soil health card.

Grain Storage:

Grain Storage is a term used to describe the process of storing grains. Treat the grains and pulses with a 5 percent neem oil solution and store them in clean, pest-free bags in a dry, cold location. The bags must be stacked higher than the ground. Farmers can add Neem leaves in the sacks to keep insects and moisture out of the grains. Camphor should be used at a rate of 5-10gms per quintal. The dosage of Parad Tikdi should be 8-10 tablets per quintal.

Vegetable Nursery & Protection:

Healthy nurseries of Brinjal, Chili, and Tomato should be raised for vegetable production. To reduce white fly infection, nursery raising should be done in a low tunnel poly house, and seed treatment should be done before sowing vegetable seeds.

Fruit Production & Vegetable Care:

To manage wilt in guava orchards, use 50 g carbofuran + 200 g neem cake combined with Trichoderma harzianum. Before, after, and during the harvesting operation, hands should be well cleansed with soap and water. For a way to take care of vegetables, During the pandemic, proper washing of vegetables and fruits is more vital than ever, since it aids in the removal of different hazardous germs. Fresh food, unlike prepackaged fruits and vegetables, tends to have more soil attached to it, therefore washing it is also vital. Farm women were also recommended to wash vegetables and fruits in lukewarm water with salt, alum, vinegar, or baking soda (1 teaspoon in a bucket of 10 liters) if they were conveniently available and soak them for at least 1-2 hours to remove any contamination. Washing vegetables before pealing and cutting, as well as washing after pealing and cutting, might result in the loss of nutrients.

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