Rabi spices: Garlic

About Garlic: Ginger is grown as a rain-fed crop in places with high rainfall (uniform distribution for 5 to 7 months) and as an irrigated crop in areas with lower rainfall (uniform distribution for 5 to 7 months). During its crop cycle, ginger requires 1300-1500 mm of water.

It may be grown in a variety of soil types. It produces the finest results when grown in organically rich sandy loam and silt loam soils. The pH of the soil should be in the range of 6 to 7.

Varieties: Agrifound white, Yamuna Safed (G-1), Yamuna Safed 2 (G-50), Yamuna Safed 3 (G 282), and Yamuna Safed 4 (G 323) are the varieties

Procedure and chemicals required: For one acre, 225-250 kg seed is required. [email protected] gm/kg seed + Benomyl [email protected] gm/liter water seed treatment efficiently suppresses damping off and smut diseases.The requirements for manure and fertilisers are 125 kg N, 65 kg P, and 100 kg K/ha, as well as 40 tonnes FYM. Borax at a rate of up to 10 kg per hectare increases bulb growth and output.

Pest control:

Thrips: If not well handled, can result in yield losses of up to 50%. It’s more common in dry weather. Spray [email protected] ml/15 lt water, [email protected] ml, or [email protected] ml+ [email protected] gm/10 lt water every 8-10 days if an infestation is discovered in the field.

Purple blotch: Severe infestations can result in yield losses of up to 70%. On the leaves, there are deep purple sores. Yellow streaks turn brown and run the length of the blade. Spray twice at a 10-day interval with Propineb70 percent [email protected] gm/acre/150 lt of water.

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