Rabi vegetables:  Vegetable Pea

About Vegetable Pea: The Leguminaceae family includes the Vegetable Pea. It is a cool-season crop that is grown all over the world. Dried peas are used as a pulse, whereas green pods are eaten as a vegetable. Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana, Karnataka, and Bihar are among the states in India where it is grown. It has a high concentration of proteins, amino acids, and carbohydrates. Green pea straw is a nutritious form of feed for livestock.

When cultivated in well-drained soil with a pH range of 6 to 7.5, it produces the greatest results. Crops are unable to endure waterlogging. Lime your soil if it’s acidic.

Varieties:  Azad P1, Azad P 3, Azad P 4, Azad P 5, and Arkel are some of the varieties available.

Procedure and chemicals required: Sowing should take place between the end of October and the middle of November, with the 15th of September being the earliest date. Before sowing, apply 8 tonnes of farmyard manure, 20 kilogrammes of nitrogen (45 kilogrammes of urea), and 25 kilogrammes of P2O5 (155 kilogrammes of superphosphate) per acre. Pendimethalin (1 lt/acre) and Basalin (1 lt/acre) are effective weed killers.

Wilt: The roots turn dark and eventually rot. Control by treating seeds with [email protected]/lt water, avoiding early sowing in severely afflicted areas, and rotating crops.

Powdery Mildew: On the lower side of leaves, branches, and pods, a patchy, white powdery growth emerges. At a 10-day interval, spray Karathane [email protected] ml in 100 water per acre three times.

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