In all the religions, cultures countries and communities of the world, mother is considered venerable. Every woman man after being a mother, rises in esteem and commands universal respect, That is why, every woman aspires to be a mother. A woman without achieving motherhood remains subdued, discarded and dejected. Among the human beings, mother is the holiest of all. In fact, mother is a very important figure in the society because she plays the most important part in the making of a mighty nation.

Mother is the first teacher of the child-The field of the work of mother is home. It is she who moulds rightly or wrongly the character of the child. She is the first teacher of the child. She feeds the child with her breast and at the same time, through that kind of feeding, she infuses the vices or virtues in her child. The teachings good of bad imparted by the mother at this stage become a part and parcel of its being. Shivaji, the great Indian hero, became what his mother, Jijabai, intended to make him. Mahatma Gandhi grew into a superior man partly because of his religious minded mother, Putli Bai. Really, the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world. Mother is a symbol of godliness and holiness as, according to a Jewish proverb, ‘God could not be everywhere and there fore. He made Mother’.

The role of mother in democracy

Once a French man said, when you educate a boy, you educate an individual and when you educate a girl; you educate a family’. Thus the importance of mother in the home is supreme. In the modern age, her importance has in creased. In this age of democracy and keen competition every man or woman is expected to be a good citizen to shoulder the responsibilities of life. He or she should be physically, intellectually and spiritually sound to pay his or her role in the democratic set up. Only mothers can make good citizens.

Economic condition of home and the role of mother

The home having a good mother can never fall a victim to economic crisis. As the source of the administration of a nation depends upon her Home and Finance department, so does the happiness of a family depends upon the all-sided efficiency of the mother. The modern Indian society has neglected women and because of this, our many plans. and schemes aiming at nation-building have proved futile. Some ultra modern men think that a woman is a machine to produce children and she does not deserve respect on the ground of mother hood. This feeling has caused a great loss to the nation.

Mothers can solve the problem of indiscipline

The nation as a whole is groaning under the wheels of indiscipline among the youths. Mothers, to a very great extent, are responsible for this state of affairs. If mothers become conscious of their responsibilities towards their children and the nation, the problem of indiscipline can be solved in no time. The tragedy is that the modern mother has become blind to her children because of her indulgence in out ward glitter and show. She has become awfully busy in her own make-up and has no time to look after her children. What can be more deplorable than this that a modern mother is not willing to feed her child with her breast and feed the child with powder-milk so that her beauty may not fade. India, while passing through an all-round change, has to review her old traditions and values to save the society from moral breakdown.


The place of mother in home is supreme. No one has got the virtue and sense of dedication enough to supersede her. Father comes after her. The loss of father can be compensated to some extent but the loss of mother is irrepairable out and out. Mother is as important in home as the soul as in the human body She is always a source of light, delight, consolation, health and happiness. We should love, respect, obey and adore our mothers, if we want to make our home a heaven.

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