The task of choosing a career is very important and difficult. We, the Indians, are generally blamed for having no goal or definite aim in life. An Indian student, for example, does not know what he is going to do in life and what kind of education he should receive. He passes one examination after another and after having completed his education often finds himself in wilderness. The modern age is the age of keen competition. In view of this, one should chose one’s career very carefully.

Choice of a career leads to success

It is really an unfortunate thing for a man to advance on the track of life without any plan of definite aim in view. Everything in life needs detailed planning and systematic preparation, if it is to be a success. Those persons who do not think in advance of their future and do not plan their course of action, are liable to fail in life. The days when careers were deter mined by birth, caste or heredity have gone. In the modern age, all men are free to choose any career according to their taste, liking and aptitude. One should decide as early as possible what career he should choose.

How the choice of career be made

The choice of a career should not be made by accident or by sheer force of circumstances. It should be made by foresight and common sense. Youngmen are not competent enough to make such a choice. They should be their parents and teachers. All men are not fit for all kinds of work. Minds, like men, differ greatly from person to person. If one is keenly interested in mechanics, another likes intellectual pursuits. Some are attracted towards science while some feel inclined towards fine arts. One may achieve success in business but fail badly in the study of literature.

Factors in the choice of a career-Various factors should guide in the choice of a career. One’s taste and inclinations should be taken into consideration to decide the suitability of the career. Modern science, particularly, psychology, has thrown much light upon the intellectual capacity of man. If a man takes up a work, he is best suited for he is bound to achieve success sooner or later. Modern psychology has found out different tests to decide a man’s. aptitude and mental power. These tests are specially valuable for small boys at school

Conditions in India for choice of a career In India, people do not have equality of opportunity. So the choice of a career is no easy matter. Here the majority of people are governed by poverty, unfavorable circumstances and cruel chances Countless young men in our country do not have sufficient opportunities for the development of their talents. They fail receive proper education and never get a chance to show their true worth. Sometimes highly talented and gifted young-men have been dragged into lines of work by necessity and circumstances which they never liked and expected to do It only happens in backward countries. In progressive countries, like Russia and U. S. A young-men are properly guided in the choice of career.


One must be careful about sticking to the career one has chosen for oneself, because a rolling stone gathers no moss. There are certain limitations to a choice of career. In spite of all the psychological researches, it is not always possible to judge properly the capacity of man. Sometimes, rigidity in the matter of career proves to be harmful. One would like to be versatile to a certain extent. But these consideration apply to eminent persons like Dr. Radha Krishnan, who at the end of his life became a diplomat and statesman. The choice of a suitable career is a sound maxim for an average boy or girl.

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