Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. To achieve freedom in difficult but it is more difficult to preserve it. After 1947, our duties have increased towards our motherland. We must be strong enough to safeguard our hard-won freedom. The lesson of history and specially two World Wars has been that man settles disputes only by the sword. In spite of man’s civilization and his sermonizing talks for peace and harmony, man by nature is violent and fighting.

India and her enemies

India is beset with enemies. On the West, there is Pakistan whose malicious propaganda and friendship with China are no secret. She has attacked us two times. Right after independence, she made a massive attack on Kashmir, Again in 1965, she attacked more vigorously from the Punjab side. On the north. China has crossed the Himalayas and has devoured a considerable part of territory of India. The United States of America, in spite of her talks of sympathy, has deep jealousy behind her support to Pakistan. England cannot see India progressing. So she extending support to Pakistan in all the possible ways. In is addition to these external dangers, India is yet not been able to set her own house in order. The Saga problem may assume ugly shape at any moment. In the light of all these external dangers and internal disturbances, a strong army is a necessity for India.

Necessity of military training

Military training should be imparted to students in schools, colleges and universities. The intention is not to change India into a huge war camp is Germany was under Hitler. The aim behind Military training is to make the boys physically disciplined. India is essentially a peace-loving country. But her peace loving nature has been misunderstood more than once. India can never be safe in the hands of weak and indisciplined citizens. Our students, in particular, are becoming indisciplined and irresponsible. Military training will make them law abiding and disciplined and the students’s strikes and demonstrations will be minimized.

Military training and an ideal citizen

An ideal citizen should have balance in personality. Mere philosophers and armchair politicians are not enough for a nation. Soldiers are equally important. In our opinion, an ideal citizen is one who can be changed into a soldier at any time with a little training. Military training should be formed an important part of education. The majority of Indian students are idle to action, quick in words, showy in habits, loose in temperament and in decent in manners. Military training will improve and purify them physically and morally.


Excess of every thing is bad. Too much of mili tary training will prove harmful to the nation in the long run. A nation should not be guided and ruled by military men. No nation in the world has ever progressed permantenly under a military genius.. We remember the contributions of Neoplean and Hitler to their res pective countries. Thus, keeping a proper balance, we should in troduce military training in our educational institutions. It is the need of the hour.

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