Perfect education aim at the harmonious development of the child which means the physical, the intellectual and the spiritual development. Bookish knowledge makes a child intellectually sound; moral instructions infuse in a child a love for spiritual values; sports and games give chances to a child to be mentally and physically well-equipped. Hence, games and sports should form an integral part of education to produce a healthy body with a healthy mind.

What the Duke of Wellington said?

The Duke of Wellington: said that Waterloo was won on the playgrounds of Harrow and Eton. The great Duke asserted that English Public School do not only teach books but also infuse the spirit of companionship and honest dealing. The above observation implies that games and sports foster the growth of a sound physique, self-confidence, dedication and team spirit, and lay the foundation of the essential qualities of good character.

What qualities games and sports inculcate?

A sportsman never hits below the belt and always obeys the rules and regulations.sincerely and surrenders to the commands of the referee. The guiding motto of a sportsman is ‘fair play and no favour’. He is above prejudice and play the ‘game’. He is liberal and generous in outlook. He gives every opportunity to come out in his best colours. The chief aim before a true sportsman is not to attain victory but to have pleasure of playing the game. In this way, a man fond of games and sports is a fine specimen of manhood.

Sorry Plight of our schools and colleges regarding sports and games

It is a pity that in our schools, colleges and universities, the value of sports and games is not fully realized. Unluckily, intellectual capacity is so much emphasized that an average student does not pay heed to games and sports with the result that he becomes a book-worm. The reasons of this indifference of students towards games and sports are many. Some educational institution have no sufficient funds while some have no spacious playgrounds. In consequence of the poor provisions for games and sports, only a handful of students monopolies them; the rest have to wander here and there aimlessly indulging in acts of indecency and indiscipline like molesting the innocent girls and teasing the poor hawkers and vendors. An empty mind is a devil’s workshop. The students should be kept usefully busy in evening and their surplus energy should be canalised properly towards physical exercises. In this way, they will be physically sound, mentally alert and morally high. The problem of indiscipline among students can be solved to a great extent by providing them ample opportunities and facilities to play games and sports.


Life is a long game and man has to play it in the spirit of a sportsman. In the long game of the life, intellectual brilliance and physical fitness are equally important. Physical health combined with a sharp intellect is the greatest asset a man. The qualities like love for games and sports cultivated at the school stage in a child become a part and parcel of life till the last breath.

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