Most of the dreams dreamt by the late H.G. Wells in his novel entitled ‘Dreams have come true. There is no aspect of our life, in which electricity does not play a part. The age of steam is over and we are living in age of electricity. Electricity is the brightest teacher in the cap of science. It has remarkably helped us in our trade, recreation, education, administration and other activities of life.

The origin and development of electricity

The discovery of electricity dates back to the eighteenth century. In that age, it was Dr. Gilbert who made efforts to understand its nature and gave the name ‘electricity’ to this energy. Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity in the clouds. In 1800, Votsa invented the first chemical battery for producing electricity. In 1883, Michael Farady came with his magneto-electricity generator. In 1837, Wheatstone and Cook invented the electric telegraph. Electricity has created a great sensation in the world by conquering time and space.

Electricity and day-to-day life of man

An astonishing development in the field of electricity was seen in the later 18th century. Electroplating was introduced about in the middle of the 19th century. Doctors began to employ electricity as a cure today called X Ray and Ultra-Violet rays. Other wonders followed quickly. The renowned scientist Edison contributed much to make electricity lighting a reality by 1879 and 1880. In 1875, Bell invented the telephone, which has become a necessity of day-to-day life. Then electricity was used for warming and cooking. To our surprise, it was found more effective, cheaper and convenient than coal or gas. At the same time, the electric fan too was invented which gave indescribable relief and comfort to the people living in hot countries. Now-a-days, electricity is used for air-conditioning buildings, rooms, cars or rail way trains.

Electricity for purposes of communication, recreation and education

In 1896, a new chapter began in the history of electricity when the discovery of wireless telegraphy by Marconi was made. This great achievement conquered time and space and knit the whole world into a compact whole for purposes of communication of messages. Now, in cases of disaster, every ship has her wireless set to call for help. The invention of radio is a great step further. It is a great source of recreation and education. The advantages of the radio are numberless. It helped the police to control crimes. Television is a great boon. With its help, we can hear the voice of a per son speaking from a long distance and at the same time, we can see his or her figure.

Electricity for industry and travel

The field activities of electricity is very big. It is used in industry, tram cars and trains. The tube trains of London,the suburband trains of Bombay show the zenith of the usefulness of electricity in the field of quick travel and transport. All over the hilly country of Switzerland there are electric trains which can run at nearly 100 miles per hour. In workshops and factories, electricity has replaced steam power.

Electricity and multi-purpose projects

Electricity has brought under its control huge canal systems. The various multi purpose valley projects planned by the Indian Government and State Governments are all based on the use of electricity. It dominates human life. We have begun to realise that we cannot exist in the modern world without electricity. Atomic energy has come into existence as a powerful rival of electricity, which will replace it in the near future.


Electricity has made human being inactive and human life insecure. The people living in electrified houses and working with electric machines are under constant fear of injury and by electric shocks, in consequence of the availability of electricity, every one wants that every work should be done by electricity. The result is that human life has become artificial. The wide-spread use of electricity in industries has resulted in unemployment. It is making the rich people richer and the poor people poorer. Thus, we find that electricity is also doing some dis-service to man.

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