Advisory for Vegetables Crop Cultivation

In the nursery business, Thirum should be applied on seed at a rate of 2 gm/kg to help prevent seed-borne disease and damping off in the nursery. Zayad veggies include smooth gourd luffa, bitter gourd cucumber, and others.

Spray Imidacloprid 70 percent WG 1.05 gms in 15 liters of water to combat these crop sucking pests that destroy insects for crops. Spray 6 gms Thiamethoxam 25 percent WG in 15 liters of water to control whitefly pest in brinjal and tomato. Spray 3 gms of Thiamethoxam 25 percent WG at 15 liters of water to control Jacid Mahoo Whitefly in okra crops.

After digging the onion, dry it in the shade for three days and then separate the bulb by splitting the stem from 1.5 to 2 cm, which will boost the onion’s storage capacity. Bhendi, tomato, and brinjal are planted in Kharif between June and July.

Bhendi is seeded at a rate of 18-20kg ha-1 with a 45x20cm spacing. In order to raise nurseries, 500g ha-1 tomato seed and 650g ha-1 brinjal seed are necessary. Use a 50x50cm spacing for tomatoes and a 60x60cm spacing for brinjal. Spray carbaryl 50 [email protected] 2.5g 1-1 [email protected] 2.0ml 1-1 or endosulfan @ 2.0 ml 1-1 or monocrotophos @ 1.6ml 1-1 or carbaryl @ 3.0g l-1 to suppress shoot and fruit borers. Spraying should be done as needed.

Jassids, aphids, and whiteflies can all be controlled with this product. Dimethoate or methyl-o-dememton in 2.0mL, monocrotophos in 1.5mL, or triazophos in 1.5mL 1-1 water Gourd in a bottle. The type of germplasm was used to make the selection. The top of the fruit has a noticeable bottleneck. The pale green fruits produce 25-30 tonnes per hectare. Sow the Agri Found Dark Red variety of Kharif onion. In November-December, bulb sets are ready to be sold as green onions, resulting in a larger profit.

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