The people of India have to face so many problems with their poverty. Even nature brings calamities like flood, famine and diseases-cholera and plague. The calamities of diseases are controllable but the calamity of flood and famine is uncontrollable. In the rainy season, very often it is heard that some portion situated beside a particular river has been washed away. We hear every year Dibrugarh being a prey of this formidable foe. This year too, about a fortnight ago the monsoon broke in the country. The newspapers started to publish the news of satisfactory rains at different places. The falling of the rains continued and now the papers began to give the news that most of the rivers in India were in spate. Suddenly, I heard over the radio that the Ganga river had crossed the danger level at Banaras and Allahabad. I was fortunately present in Banaras and got the opportunity to see the flood scene.

Reasons of the flood

The cause of the flood is very simple. It is simply due to excessive rainfall. Sometimes the dams are not constructed well. They too break and the course of the river is changed. This also sweeps away some villages and towns. This, too, becomes the cause of flood.

The scene of the flood from a bridge

Hearing about flood, I along with so many men went to the bridge of Rajghat over the Ganga and saw the flood scene. On reaching there. I found that there was a great rush of spectators. The Government servants and police men were trying their best to check the men go ahead. I stood upon the roof of a jeep which was standing on the bridge. The water in the river was flowing with great speed. Some big logs of wood, furniture, animals big trees and sometimes human beings also were seen floating in the water. I saw that a thatch was floating down with a great speed. A calf was also floating with this than. On the other side, I saw that a buffalo was floating fast with the current of water. This buffalo was living because used to raise her head now and then. Some goats were also floating. They too were living and so their bleating was also heard from the bridge. Some people, at the risk of their lives had spread a very big and strong net. They were successful to save the life of some goats and men.

The river was roaring. It was difficult to hear the voice of the persons standing nearby. The river was engulfing mercilessly all the animate and inanimate objects. A very horrible scene was seen by the people from the bridge. A woman was floating with a baby in her arms. People tried to save her but in vain.

The great harm done by the flood

The flood did a great harm to the people. Thousands of the people became homeless as their houses were destroyed owing to flood. Many men and women, young and old, were swept away. So many people became poor as they could not remove their valuables which were destroyed with their houses. The farmers had to suffer a great loss on account of this flood. They were expecting a very good harvest this year but all the prosperous crops were swept away by flood. So many trees were uprooted. This flood created a very horrible scene.

The help rendered by the social workers

I found that some f people were looking at this as a great sight of enjoyment but some of the persons had much milk of human kindness in them. They were pained much to see the havoc created by this flood. These volunteers were doing their best to help the unfortunate families, Many of the volunteers were carrying away the luggage and the children of the flood-affected people. Some people were distributing bread and clothes to the needy persons. The volunteers of ‘Sewa Samiti’ were the centre of attraction as they were helping the people even at the cost of their lives. Some of them were deputed to a Dharamshala’ where hundreds of men had gathered. They were trying to comfort them. Some of them were moving door to door to collect food and clothes to give them to the needy persons. Some volunteers were seen rendering medical help to the sick per sons. Some private organizations were busy in collecting subscriptions to give help to these people. The Government was not distant observer of such scenes. It had organized well to help the people of flood affected areas. All the officers were ordered to reach the spot and do their best to help these persons. The Government ambulance cars were running form this place to pick-up the s or wounded persons. The doctors were also sent to the spot who were rendering first-aid to the people in need. Those persons whose condition was serious, were removed to the hospitals.

The Government also rushed food-stuffs for the flood affected areas. In those areas which were surrounded by water on all sides, food packets were dropped down by aeroplanes. Some boats were also arranged by the Government to help the people in such areas. The Food Minister along with the District Magistrate visited the flood affected areas and deputed special officers to render the best service to the flood victims.


Really, flood is a great natural calamity to the people. The flood is merciless and destroys everything without distinction of the poor and the rich. From this visit to the flood scene personally I could learn that such floods prove very tragic and devastating. They cause heavy loss of men and material. But we should not worry much as modern science has conquered nature in various. ways. The modern science has developed many means to control flood also. At such moments the district authorities must not remain idle and must warn the public in time. Kind words and sympathies cannot heat the wounds of the people who suffer from flood. In fact, some definite measures should be taken by the Government to check the calamity of flood.

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