India is a very hot country. During the summer season the temperature rises very high. It becomes unbearable, so people go to the hill stations. Actually in the beginning of the summer season, people generally migrate to the hill stations for see king relief from the feverish heat and the dusty wind of the plains. The sun strokes trouble the people so much that they are tempted to go to some hill stations and get some rest there. U. P. has been gifted with many hill stations where people go who can afford to go and keep themselves aloof from sun strokes and feverish heat. Mussoorie and Nainital are the centres of attraction for the people of not only U. P. but also of the other provinces of India. Nainital. is one of the most favorite hill stations of U. P. I like this place very much. The lovely hill areas of Nainital wear the robe of beauty. During the season, in this obscure and high spot people from all parts of India and sometimes even from foreign lands are seen. Nainital has mountains, valleys, upland meadows, beadows, beautiful streams and matchless natural scenery and probably owing to such unique beauty, it is said to be the abode of Shiva and Indira and also of so many Rishis and Munis.

Description of the scene before reaching the destination

I like Nainital because it is easily accessible. It is hardly 250 miles from Lucknow and 12 miles away from Kathgodam, the Railway Ter minus. I along with my some friends started on our journey to go to Nainital in the first week of May. The railway journey from Lucknow to Kathgodam was very troublesome but the bus journey from Kathgodam to Nainital was very pleasant. Kathgodam is liked to by train and bus service with all parts of U. P. It is very pleasant to go Nainital by car from Kathgodam. The road from Kathgodam to Nainital has been well maintained. The zigzag road surrounded by beautiful natural scenes pleases us to a great extent, Beautiful oaks and pines along the length of at least 10 milles captivate the heart of tourists. The car goes on, sometime facing the difficulty of going up and sometimes without efforts and it touches Talli’, the edge of a beautiful lake with its clear water.

It is very romantic to have the first glimpse of this summer paradise. One cannot check himself out to sight the soothing and captivating beauty of the lake and all the hills around it. We reached there by 9 A. M. At the bus stand we were at once surrounded by hotel guides. At last we chose Elphinstone hotel, having its ground site looping towards the lake. Our room was also facing the lake.

Description of the hill station

The main attraction of Nainital is its lake surrounded on all sides by the towering trees and hills. This lake leaves unforgettable impression upon the visitors. There are hundreds of bungalows having European beauty and name. Nainital the two famous markets-Mallital and Tallital which also indicate the two edges of the beautiful lake.

Nainital has got so many beautiful spots worth seeing. We saw all these places First of all we saw the temple of the Goddess Naina’. We also enjoyed the ‘Snow View’ and China Peak’. We went to Laria Kanta and Land’s End. The camel’s back was most appealing. Dorothy seat is very high. It is a very quiet place From here we can have the full view of the lake and the whole of Nainital. We can have the view of snow capped mountains from China Peak”, ‘Laria Kanta’. and Dorothy Seat’. Nainital offers various opportunities of swimming, yachting boating, riding and skating.

Now I want to describe some beautiful sights of the Mall Road. A beautiful magical crowd can be marked walking majestically on the Mall Road. Particularly the young people, the cream of society, robed in the tightest possible dress and sometimes in jeans with charming colour attract the attention of all. The young ladies putting on very colourful and stylish sarees are also seen moving to and fro. The young girls do not hesitate to make a show of their beauty and body so shamelessly that a person of honor and refined taste will simply turn his face to other side and go away. The young boys wearing their tightest drain pipes and grand possible bush shirts. like the blouse of ladies move on the Mall Road in their own childish manner. It looks as if we were witnessing some fashionable parade.

Sometimes very unique sights are seen. We saw an old man. with his wife having no natural teeth in their months, putting on a very glamorous suit, having a transistor in his hand. He was dancing in the way and singing a film song. Sometimes even old couples are seen singing obscene songs of the film. Every spot to the Mall Road appears to be a romantic spot.

The evening of Nainital are very fine. A big parade of beauty can be seen on the flat the evening. Some people are busy in gazing the yachting on the lake. Some people are spell bound no seeing young people moving majestically in their special jeans meant for Nainital only. Some sit down on the wall by the side of the lake. They seem to by very busy in witnessing hockey match or football match whatever it may be.

A very grand scene may be seen at the temple of Naina Devi. She is the real Goddess and it is alleged that this Goddess fulfills the desire of her devotees. Some people go on “Thandi Sarak” instead of coming on the Mall. They get peace and consolation there.

There are so many other temples in Nainital. The Hanuman Garhi is very famous. It is surrounded by the tranquil atmosphere. People go there and find peace and consolation. One can get a calm and serene atmosphere prevailing there. There are so many schools and colleges also. They young students of these colleges are very stylish and smart. The D. S. B. Degree College is famous for its education and discipline.


We stayed in Nainital for more than a month and enjoyed fully the other hilly sides situated near Nainital. We went to Ranikhet, Bhowali and Ramgarh also. Ranikhet and Bhowali are also very healthy and charming. At Bhowali there is a T. B. Sanatorium. We remained for a day at Bhowali also.

After enjoying the hilly areas we started back for our districts. In my opinion it is a must see hill station and actually is the paradise in the summer. This beautiful spot at an altitude of 6,336 feet above sea level has been called the ‘Tourists’ Paradise.

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