Rabi Crops- Pea, Potato & Chili in Punjab

Pea Improved Varieties Early maturing varieties: AP-3, Matar Ageta-7, Matar Ageta-6 and Arkel Main season varieties: Punjab-89 and Mithi Phali Sowing and Seed Rate: Sowing from mid-October to mid- November give the best crop in the plains and spacing should be 30×7.5 cm for early and 30×10 cm for main season varieties by inoculating with … Read more

Crops in Himachal Pradesh

Wheat- Sow the seeds in lines with a spacing of 22 cm and seed rates of 100 Kg/ha and 150 Kg/ha for timely and late planted sitautions For weed management spray Vesta @ 400g/ha or Chlodinafop @ 400g/ha, followed by 2, 4- D @ 1.25 kg/ha after 2-3 days of Clodinofop spray as weeds cause … Read more