The Republic Day is a red letter day in India, It is celebrated everywhere in India with great enthusiasm. It is celebrated with a great eclat every year at our college. It is locked upon as a national festival because it reminds us of the great sufferings which the preceding generation had to undergo and the heavy responsibilities which we have to shoulder as citizens of a free nation.

Prabhat pheries and the assembly of students and teachers

This year, the Republic Day celebration began with Prabhat Pheries’. Students of the college, forming a long procession went round early in the morning singing patriotic songs and awakening people so the great significance of the day. The flag-hoisting ceremony was the next item in the day’s celebrations. With a view to enabling the largest number of students and teachers to attend the ceremony, the time fixed for it was 8 O’clock. Teachers and students were equally enthusiastic and all of them assembled much before the appointed time. All the arrangements in connection with the ceremony were complete in time.

Flag-hoisting ceremony

A small stage was set for the ceremony. At quarter to eight, a group of six students having melodious throat and musical voice came forward in accordance with the programme to sing the song “Vande Matram”. Everybody heard the song intently and motionlessly. Exact at eight, the Principal came on to the dias and unfurled the national flag amidst clapping and shouts of “Mahatma Gandhi ki jai” and “Bharat Mata ki jai The tri-colour flag with Ashoka Chakra in the centre grandly waved in the atmosphere. We in pride and joy, saluted the flag

Principal’s address and the messages

After the flag-hoisting ceremony, the Principal made a very fine speech in which he threw lucid light upon the significance and the origin of the Republic Day. He reminded the gathering of the great sufferings and sacrifices of the fighters of the Indian freedom. He exhorted the students. in particular, to be disciplined and hard-working in life. The Principal’s speech was punctuated by clapping. The Principal’s speech was followed by a few poems and songs recited by some members of the staff and students. Messages from the Director of Education and the minister for Education were read out by the Head of the Hindi Department to the gathering. Here the function came to an end with the national anthem “Jan Gan Man”.

Programmes of games and sports

The scene changed from the stage described above to the playground. Some of the interesting items of sports and games like short and long races and high and long jumps were arranged here. The winner were awarded prizes which were given away by the Principal Class four employees participated in wrestling feats which were witnessed by students and teachers alike. The Principal gave them prizes in cash.

Cultural programme

At 5 P. M. the teachers and the students assembled in the college hall for cultural performances. Dramas depicting Indian national life and scenes from Indian history were highly appreciated. The college dramatic society had made thorough preparation for over a fortnight. The boy who enected Gandhi’s role at Wardha Ashram was adjudged the best actor. The function ended at 9 P. M. and we all returned happy and satisfied.


Life is a queer mixture of funerals and festivals. Funerals are divinely made while festivals are man-made. Old festivals are losing their importance by and by and new festivals are coming into being. The Repulic Day is national festival. It should be celebrated with devotion to motherland.

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