Man is a social animal. He lives in society and follows certain traditions, customs and manners which the people of that society follow. When a certain custom has got a stronghold in the society, it becomes as strong as the habit of a person and cannot be easily shaken off The social animal, man is also a rational animal and be adjusts himself to new conditions and situations of life. India is a traditional land inhabited by backward people who had kept themselves aloof from the other countries of the world. Their customs are very old and many evils have crept in which should be wiped out.

What is purdah system

Freedom was denied to the class of women some centuries ago in India. Even now they are not free to move about freely and have to live within the forest and the house. They, very rarely, move out of their houses and other places have ever to do, so they pull a long veil over their faces so that nobody may be able to see their faces. This practice is called the purdah system. The Hindu and the Muslim ladies generally observe purdah. Other castes living in India like Parsis and Christians do not observe it. In western countries like England and America, people have no idea of this social practice. It is a custom prevalent in oriental countries.

Purdah system is a social evil

Purdah system is a social evil. Man and woman are two similar wheels of the machine of life and are complementary to each other in all respects. Life has become complicated and more extensive on account of some major cultural changes brought about by the inventions of science and the gifts of technology The purdah system was not in vogue in the Ramayana and the Mahabharata periods in India. In the Vedic period, too, women did not observe purdah in India. Purdah system took roots after the Muslim invasions of India Now time is changing faster and we must also changes, otherwise we shall not be able to keep pace with the other progressive nations of the world. Our women have to come out of their cells and have to take full part in the life of the nation. Women constitute one-half of the population and if they remain narrow in outlook and indifferent towards their nation, no progress is possible. Hence, we have to make all possible efforts for the elimination of purdah system considering it a great evil.

The impact of western education and culture on purdah system

The impact of western culture and education in India has been very helpful to the removal of purdah system. With the widespread love for female education purdah system is disappearing. Now it is not an unusual sight see women coming out with uncovered faces. On it is an unusual sight in cities and big towns to see a the contrary, it woman with i covered face, Schools and colleges have been opened with the growth of education and co-education has become a possibility from the earliest stage to the University stage. Women have every chance to become doctors, engineers, teachers and administrators. There is no field of life now where women are not seen taking active part in collaboration with men. If our ancestors were to arise from their ashes, they will be surprised and severely shocked to See women moving about fearlessly and working in the capacity of politicians and parliamentarians and surpassing men in efficiency and sagacity. Education is the only sharp sickle which can cut at the very root of the social evil, the purdah system.

Illiteracy and purdah system

Illiteracy encourages purdah system. In rural area of India, where illiteracy his over shadowed the class of women like the dark night, purdah system is now in the second half of the twentieth century. On account of the purdah system and illiteracy, all over schemes and plans for rural uplift and for controlling the growing population have proved fruitless. We have to make women of the rural areas educated and conscious of the changing conditions in free India. Then all our plans for village uplift will bear fruit. It is a matter of pity that in this age of equal fundamental rights, countless women of India are living a life of brutes and are suffering from seclusion. All the pleasures of outdoor life are denied to them. They cannot take part in social entertainments. We have to make science efforts in this direction.


Excess of every thing is bad. Their is a grain of truth in this saying. Too much freedom to women have resulted in disgraceful consequences. Women have misused this freedom and they have played a vital role in bringing bad practices in the society. The eradication of purdah system has encouraged women to misuse the licence of freedom Purdah was observed out of shyness and respect for others and specially the elders. The absence of purdah does not imply shamelessness and disrespect to elders. Now, women have become shamelessly bold and expose their bodies to others putting on skin tight clothes and sleeveless blouses and frocks. This practice is worse than the purdah system in effect. When we have eradicated purdah system, we have also to put a check on the licence of freedom of women which they are misusing to the best of their capacity. 

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