The history of man’s development to the present stage is equally thrilling and important. It is not the gift of a single country, nation or time but the humanity in its reformed stage is an outcome due to perpetual development.

Humanity developed by and by. The rivers and the valleys have played and important part in moulding the shape of humanity. The development of humanity can be classified under two cate gories:

(1) The growth of life on the earth.

(2) The different stages of development of humanity.

Various theories regarding the growth of life

There are numerous theories about the growth of life. The first theory says that living beings were born and fed up in the present shape. There are no changes in them nor there is possibility of changes. The second theory says that the world has been created in six days. On the first day, essential elements were created and the man came out on the last day from that material which is lifeless now. At first, a single man came out and then the God took up his vein and made a female out of it. This theory was propagated for a number of years and we may safely say that till the middle of 19th century, this theory was considered to be the greatest truth.

The Hindus say that the remains of the previous century gave out a new problem. According to Qube, there was such a upheaval over the world that surface of the earth went into the ocean and the ocean came above it. In due course, the oceans had high rides resulting into the mountains. The surface of the ocean when dried, became the abode of the animals coming from the other world. A writer has declared that 27 times the world has gone under such a change.

Organic theory

The fourth theory is well-known as organic theory. This theory relates that the primary elements were very simple put in due course through their intercourse, they produced the different germs, complicated germs and plants. Aristotle has written that the animals and the plants have an instinct of development from the beginning and so from simple elements the complicated germs and plants came out..

According to Linnaeus, the forest tribes came out with special development and the new tribes were formed with their inter mixture.

The climatic conditions also played and important part in forming the plants and the species. Buff on is of the opinion that the effect of environment falls straight upon animals and plants and creative changes come into them.

Charles Darwin, who is called the grandfather of the present human civilization, believes that due to inner instinct and the local environment, new species came into being. Not only that much but new progeny gets habits and characters of its ancestors. Darwin declared that the original living being and the development of qualities in him are the divine creations.

The world is about 4500 million years old and the oceans, mountains and other geographical things have changed tremendously. No one can testify the history of million years. Simply the fossil record and living cells can say about the ancient human being. The present generation is the result of those thousands of years experiments conducted by their ancestors, and the civilization and social environments have also played and important role.

The Cenozoic era begins from the 70 million years before. Sixty million years before, the reptiles of huge body became instinct. The primitive groups includes the monkeys, apes and the man. It is said that this group developed chiefly into the eastern hemisphere. They all lived on trees and ate what they could get from the trees and in the jungle. The result of this was that human beings developed their hands, mind, eyes, ears and the paws. All these five organs in due course converted into the mammals. After 12 million years, these huge animals became instinct and the human beings came into existence in about one and a half million years before. In due course, the social life and the civilization became the chief aspect of the human life.

The scientific reasons tell us that the primary life was very simple, but in due course, it became intricate and reluctantly the differences of communities etc. came into being. It is said on scientific reasoning that the difference between human being is due to working capacity and the natural instincts.

Zad tells that the result of protozoa was that the human beings developed from simple structure into complicated one in millions of years. He believes that the experiments in all the ages and the strong hands of humanity affected greatly the structure of the earth as well as that of the surface.


It shows that the making of the earth is due to strong hands of human society and which is bent upon making it more beautiful through its devastating qualities. How the man came on earth is a question which has not yet been answered in a way that may satisfy everybody.

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