Lotteries are the topic of the dry. Nearly in all the States, the lotteries are drawn and thereby the States and the individuals gain money. The States get the share out of the sale proceeds of the lotteries and they invest it in the equipments of hospitals and such other social services. The individuals who stand first, second and third gain so much money that they become rich overnight.

Gambling versus lotteries

Some people believe that lotteries are a sort of gambling. But it is not so. In gambling, few people take stakes while in lotteries, hundreds of people buy a ticket and try their luck. Everyone has to pay Rs. 1/-or Rs. 2/- for a single ticket. It does not matter whether the purchaser is rich or door. The draws are made in public through eminent persons and judges. The rich or the poor, both can be gainer of the prizes. Besides, the agents who sell the tickets of lotteries also gain some commission and prizes. In this way, the lotteries are not gambling. On the other hand, the lotteries are run on the basis of socialistic pattern according to which the riches go to the common man. It is a fact that the money of the common man is put at stake but Re. 1/-or Rs. 2/- from the purse of a common man is of the little consideration in comparison to the gains which he achieves through the lotteries.


We know that gambling was prevalent in epics. Yudhishthira lost in gambling due to the mechanization of Shakuni. The lotteries have resemblance with gambling and its mechanization. The Britishers divided the money through races of the horses That too can be called a type of gambling as the jockeys used to hold the horses and there by gain hundreds of rupees from the contenders. The present lottery system is no doubt a device taken from horse racing but it is in a developed from. In exhibition and melas etc. we often see the game of clocks and needles which are so switched that the winner gets the fixed amount. There too people play tricks upon the needles and thereby the needles stop at the smaller amounts only. The present day lottery system is above all these defects as the lottery is drawn through a roller which contains he coupons for all the sold tickets and winner is proclaimed by asking out one of the whole lot through an independent person.

Thus, the lotteries may resembling in shape, but certainly they are a modified form of gambling. The trick plays in while the luck has a prominent part to pay in the lottery. The money does not make only a rich man more rich but pauper can also be a millionaire through this system. Besides the small number of big prizes, the lower prizes of smaller denominations are distributed among hundreds and thousands of persons. This brings socialism in society and a lucrative business for the agents who besides getting the commission on the sale of lottery tickets, gain prizes if the ticket sold by them stands at the top.

Advantage of lotteries

The lotteries are the panacea of making common man a millionaire overnight. He generally utilizes the sum so achieved for the welfare of his children and the society while in the gambling he misuses the money for evil habits of drinking and keeping the girls. Thus, we see that the lotteries are the surest way of bringing about the socialistic pattern of society. Besides, the Government also gets handsome amount by way of profit which can be spent over various social services for the welfare of the general masses,

Present lottery system in India

In the recent on or two years, almost all the State in India such as Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra. Gujarat, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, Tamilnadu, Madhya Pradesh etc. have started Government lotteries. The weekly, monthly and three-monthly draws are regularly held on a predetermined date. For the administration of these lotteries, a department has been set up which conducts and supervises the sale of lottery tickets. The agents for the sale of lottery tickets are appointed by the State Lottery Department and thus a good number of people are able to earn their livelihood, which is essential for the socialistic pattern of a society.


The present day lotteries are the device of the Government to bring about socialism, but the corrupt officials and agents put in the coupons of unsold lottery tickets into the roller and thereby they frustrate the whole plan of socialism. The tellers should also be proper persons to declare the results truthfully. The machines telling the numbers need to be checked thoroughly before the lotteries are drawn. The money saved by the Government goes to the construction and equipment of the hospitals etc. which is a good sign for the development of society. Hence, lotteries can be of great value to a developing country like India if the money is utilized properly and judiciously.

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