When I recollect my childhood at this age, I remember the above quoted lines of William Word worth, the greatest romantic poet of English literature. The above mentioned lines express the feeling of disgust against the materialistic age where man has begun to worship the moon. Now we all are busy to earn more and more and are not satisfied with what we have got. We do not appreciate the spiritual attitude to life. We are full of worries and anxieties. Seeing these things I recollect my childhood when I was the monarch of all I surveyed. Really it was the most pleasant time of my life. My house was an old one made of mud and tiles far away from the town in a village. The house was very big and huge but it was too old. We had then joint family. I remember to have my grand mother, actually very grand in her behavior. She was the mistress of the house and my father, uncle and aunt, and I along my sisters had to obey her. She loved all the family members very much. She had a very dominating. character. We were a small landlord but the biggest of all in that village. There was plenty all round. We had servants, a garden a big garden of mango trees, and everything. There was a very big court in front of our house. It was so big that the village boys used to assemble there and we played different types of games, specially Kabaddi’. I was the only son in my family having two sisters who were younger to me. Hence I was loved by y all. I had one servant specially for me. He used to carry me on his shoulder from one place to another and sometime to the garden also. I remember to have many bulls and cows at They all were well-fed and fat. One of the cows was of the best my door. breeding, very gentle too and used to give much milk. My servant Munne’ used to give me the milk of that cow without fail. The family was a joint one and we all were at least 20 in number. All the cousins had great love and regared for one another. There were two big ‘neem’ trees in front of my big house. These trees were shady, We the children used to play under them. Really it was very pleasant time.

My life at home

Ah! how nice the time was. I was loved by all, taken all everywhere and given all sorts of things by all. I used to go along with my cousins to the fields, gardens and fairs. Early in the morning my servant Munne, used to give milk and carry me far away in the garden along with other children of the family. We stayed there for two hours. We ran a race and danced. In the evening too we used to go somewhere for a walk. My grandfather was fond of a tonga. Though he was no more in the world yet his tonga along with a black big horse was well maintained. The paths of the village were not so good but we used our tonga very often for going from one place to other. Generally when some fairs were held at great distance from the village, we used the tonga. Most of time at home passed in play.

Sometimes we cousins used to quarrel also for nothing. One of my cousins was elder to me. She was naughty and healthy too. She used to lose her temper over a very little matter. As she was a bit fat we used to call her “Moti”. I did not understand the mischief in it and I also called her by the same. She used to beat me on this account. Now some of my cousing favoured me and some her, So a big havoc was created in the house. My used to beat the guilty.

Recollections of school days

I became big enough to go to a Primary school. My father used to teach me at home. So I had learnt much before going to school as regular student. I was admitted directly to 3rd class. I remember that my grandmother along with my personal servant Munne, went to school. It was a unique day in my life. There were a large number of children moving in different dresses. Seeing my grandmother and servent, they began to look at me as if I was a special thing for them. My school was very near to my village. Munne used to go everyday with me and stayed there till midday. This routine did not continue for long as I be came habituated of going alone and began to take much interest in the studies.

I do not remember of fighting or quarreling with anyone in my school days. After many days so many boys of my village my friends. We used to enjoy the company most. I remember that my uncle, not real one, was also a student of the same school. He was quite aged but dull headed. He used to frighten me because he wanted to have money etc, from me which my grandmother used to give me to purchase some sweets. etc.

I was very much interested in games and sports. All my friends of the village liked to play some games like football and Kabaddi I too enjoyed the games with them.

I remember well that my teachers loved me much because I was shy of nature and on a very small scolding, I began to shed tears, and also because of the fact that I used to stand first in the class. It was due to my father that my schooling up to the 7th class was very grand as he used to teach me at home. I never failed in any class. While I was the student of 4th class. I got good marks in the examination. The Inspector of Schools advised my headmaster to prepare me for the examination of scholarship. He did so and thanks to God. I did fairly well in the examination and got the scholarship of Rs. 2/-per month from 5th class to 7th class.

My grandmother was a religious minded woman and I used to be always with her. I also became very religious minded, I used to get up at 5 A. M. and after doing necessary things, I took bath and prayed to God for half an hour with my grandmother. This habit is with me even today. I cannot be in bed after 5 in the morning. Sometimes I used to determine to finish the ‘Ramayan’ within a week and I did so I used to keep fast also but with the permission of my grandmother. Really I am very much obliged to her for all the qualities which I possess at this time. She made me what I am. I am very much pained to say that I could not serve her long as she breathed her last when I was a student of 10th class. After her death, I suffered much. I remember her very often even today.


There are three stages of life-childhood, youth and old age but the period of childhood is the best one. Really it is a period when children have no care and anxiety. They must get something to eat, something to wear and something to enjoy. I feel that my childhood was the best part of my life. I was free from all care and worry. I was like a monarch and all persons were at my back and call. They all obeyed me in a way and were always ready to dance on my command. The lovely tricks of childhood, the innocence, the obedient attitude, the devotion for parents, elders and gurus all come before my eyes even today and I wish earnestly to be a child once more. Now the life is full of care and anxiety. I am marching ahead on the path of life. Each birthday reminds me that the last milestone of the life journey will come soon and after that there will be darkness everywhere and all the worldly things for which I am dying today, will be left behind. Now all the pleasures of the prime of life shall never come back. P. B. Shelley correctly sang :

“O world! O life ! O time ! On whose last steps I climb;

Tembling at that where I had stood before ;

When will return the glory of your prime ?

No more, Oh never more !”

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