Our history is not modern. It is like a great river with its source back in silence. Many ages, many races and many religions have worked at it. It is all in our blood-stream. The more the Indian culture changes, the more it remains the same. Culture is in our blood though there has been so many changes in the past. Our country has always been very rich in culture. It is culture which brings unity among diversity. If we like that our country and the world may progress, if our young man and women are to live more abundantly, they should enter more fully into experiences and ideals of the race, they should be inspired in their minds and hearts by the great ideals enshrined in our culture. Culture is the root cause for the truth, growth and development of a particular nation. We talk every time about our cultural relations. When a country wants to develop friendship with the other, it cries for cultural unity.

It is very difficult to define culture. It is like undefined colour. Different people have different views of culture. Their views differ so much that they create confusion in the minds of men. So it is simply to waste time in defining culture. This world is very vague and intricate which cannot be defined in a few words. Its scope is too wide to be limited. This word has got its origin from, ‘colery,” a Latin word which means either to plough’ or ‘to worship.’ In fact in agriculture and horticulture some development is produced. We see the seed and we all know that the small seed has preserved in itself one huge and massive tree. Exactly in the same way in the mind of man the instinct of development works hidden and the man is not conscious of this fact. Their instinct of development dormant in the heart and mind of man develops the body, mind and spirit of man and the man is supposed to be cultured. It is an admitted fact that the reason of the development of body, mind and self depends totally upon the culture of the man.

This culture derives its help from civilization. Civilization is the outline of culture Civilization takes birth from culture and becomes the subject of man’s character and action. Culture is rea son, it is a flash whereas civilization is its reflection. As such cul ture gives birth to civilization and generally both are censidered to be one.

Who is a cultured man ?

Let us see clearly who a cultured man is. A cultured man is he whose mind and personality have deve loped much. A cultured man is one who has a friendly approach, understanding of life and its problems. A cultured person has the capacity to understand the point of view of others. A cultured man makes other to understand his point of veiw. He is kind and gentle at heart. He does not inflict pain upon others. He is very helpful by nature. He has got the power of tolerance and does not care for the insult done to him by others. A cultured man keeps an eye on all the members of the company. He is tender towards the useful, gentle towards the distant and merciful towards the absurd. He can recollect to whom he is speaking. A cultured man is seldom prominet in conversation and never wearisome. A cultured man never speaks to himself by a mere retort, he has no ears for slander or gossip. He is never mean or little in his dispute, never takes unfair advantages and never mistakes personalities.

He is too well employed to remember injuries and too indo lent to bear malice. A cultured man is like a sharp weapon which cuts the thing sharply. The cultured man solves the problem like a sharp weapon which acts clearly. A cultured man is too clear hea ded and he is as forcible and as brief as is decisive. A cultured man is frank and considerate. He respects piety and devotion, he supports the institutions venerable and beautiful.

A cultured man is a friend of religious toleration. He is so not because his religion has taught him to do so but because he is too gentle and has effeminacy of feeling. A cultured man avoids quar rel and conflict. He has tact enough to turn any occasion of fric tion and quarrel into co-operation and friendship. As a result of his friendly and co-operative and sympathetic approach, he is a friend of all. He has friends and no enemy.

Other ideals of a cultured man

A real cultured man is one who is always is contact with the latest information of the world. He is educated in the true sense of the world. He is very studious. He is always busy in his study and reads all the best things newly produced. He thinks too much upon what he reads. He accepts the best things of the old writers and authors and he condemns what is bad. On account of his regular and deep study a cultured man becomes more than a man. He becomes nobler, better and more refined. A cultured man is always occupied in removing the obstacles of the others. He concurs with his movements rather than taking the initiative himself. He helps others without charging anything for them. He carefully avoids whatever may cause a jar or a jolt in the minds of those with whom he is cast to live.

A cultured man is always in contact with the noblest person. He is unselfish and honest in his dealings. To serve the poor and needy is his aim of life. He is always busy to make the path of others smooth and easy. He knows that virtue is its own reward and honesty is the best policy.

A true cultured man is satisfied with what he has got. He tries to cut his coat according to his cloth.


These are a few characteristics of a cultured man. Culture means some inner growth in a man. Culture means the way by which a man behaves with others. A such culture gives the capacity to the cultured man to understand others. Culture has its roots in nationalism. Nationalism gives life, growth, strength and unity. So for good culture, nationalism should be developed. If all the per sons of a particular nation are cultured, there will be no problem of exploitation or destruction. The cultured man is an independent thinker, hence he does not yield before pressure and intimidation. He is fervent in his quest of truth to foster the feeling of community and diminish the force of aggressive instinct. A cultured man creates place in the country. A man who is cultured, is supposed to be busy in the development of the mind, body and spirit of the people of his own nation. Such are my ideas about a cultured man.

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