Who are the middle class people? The middle class people are those who are neither rich nor poor, whose monthly income in India varies from rupees one hundred and fifty to rupees seven hundred and fifty and who have to support a big family. They may be divided in two groups the lower middle class people and the upper middle class people. They are found in almost all the countries of the world where democratic Governments rule. They play an important role in the construction and destruction of a nation. It is they who change the Government by means of vote of through other peaceful methods A nation’s progress and prosperity is judged by their mode of thinking and standard of living.

Middle class people adversely affected in free India

India came out as a free, united nation on the 15th of August, 1947. Since then our Central Government and State Government have been trying their best to solve the various problems in order to satisfy the basic needs of the people in general. There cannot be any unanimous opinion whether the Government have been successful or not in their mission. It is definite that the middle class people have not benefited at all in free India, The rich have become richer and the poor have become poorer but the middle class people have been adversely affected. That is why there is too much criticism against the Government. The middle class people make the intelligentsia of a nation. They regularly read newspapers and from opinions in the light of day-to day achievements and failures of the Government and mold the public opinion.

The middle class people and taxes

The Indian Government. and State Government have imposed taxes upon the middle class people directly or indirectly The lion’s share of the income of both the Governments is from the middle class people. The rich can pay taxes easily because they are industrialists, manufactures, business men and highly-paid officials. Sometimes, they evade tax and be fool the Government and cause a financial loss to the nation. The middle to the good of the society and concentrate their attention only for their good. As a result, they loss and have actually lost all the noble social virtues and are to day a glaring example of immorality.

Responsibility of the Government

The Government of the country is directly responsible for the widespread disease of black money. The irony of the situation is that the hard earned money of a person is taken away from him in the name of taxes while the black-money of the black marketeer is left untouched. The hands of the Government are so strong that it can easily compel the black-marketeer to pay his share of taxes. But it does not try to do so. Its reason is not far to seek The administrative machinery of each and every Government office has become slow, corrupt and inefficient. Go to any office and if you are an honest man, your work can never be done. The persons working in the office from the bottom to the top will invent one excuse or the other You can return happily and successfully only when on entering the office you attach money-wheels to your file Under the circumstances, it has become imperative that the Government should adopt very strict measures to eradicate inefficiency and bribery from all offices of all the categories.

Judicious price control

It is most essential that the policy of the Government relating to the price control of articles should be very judicious. The Government should fix the price of a commodity only after fully considering its pros and cons. It did not do so at the time of taking the wholesale trade of wheat in its hands The consequence was that despite the best efforts of the Government, the price of wheat went higher than the control price. This is equally true for sugar, kerosene oil and some other commodities. The black-marketeers reap huge profits from such price controls and add to their already hoarded amount of black-money.


In the light of the above mentioned facts, we can safely arrive at two important conclusions. First, the Government should act very judiciously in fixing the prices of various commodities. Second, it should immediately devise such ways and means which may convert the black-money into white-money. In the absence of these two steps, the nation is sure to move ahead towards a fathomless abyss of national loss.

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