If my dream is materialized and I become the Minister for Education, my first concern shall be the improvement of the lot of teachers in general. The teachers are expected to be efficient in every respect. They are looked upon as nation-builders and molders of the national character. It is to put the chart before the horse to expect too much of the teachers when they are ill-fed and are groaning under the wheels of untold sufferings.

Economic relief to teachers

In my ministry, no teacher of a primary school shall get a salary below hundred rupees; no teacher of a secondary school shall get a salary below four hundred rupees and no teacher of a degree college below five hundred rupees. A dissatisfied and hungry teacher is always a bad teacher. When domestic worries caused by economic difficulties began to eat up the power of mind and heart, a good teacher turns to a bad teacher.

The examination system to be over hauled

I shall overhaul the system of examinations. These days the use of unfair means at the examinations and the brutal attacks on invigilators by the examinees have become very common. To put a check to all such ugly things, I would like to replace the essay type examination by intelligent tests. Divisions-first, second and third, will be abolished and the students will receive only honors and pass degrees. Due regard shall be paid to their teachers’ opinions about their work during the session, while judging the merits of candidates.

Reform in the system of management

I shall take quick steps to reform the system of management of educational institutions. It is really a matter of sorrow and surprise that the management of schools and colleges has fallen into the hands of those persons who do not know even the ‘A. B. C. of education and who have commercialized education for their own benefit. Such persons harass teachers and exploit them to the maximum extent possible. What can be worse than that the intellectuals are governed by honest pick pockets. Under my scheme, all educational institutions shall be managed by the State. The present managing bodies of private schools and colleges shall then die a natural death and the dis honest managers shall be brought to book and tried in a court of law.

Curriculum to be changed

I shall introduce compulsory military training for medically fit students as a part of school curriculum. It will form an important part of my educational reforms. Under my plan sufficient facilities and encouragements shall be given to scientific, technical, vocational and industrial institutions. The importance of humanities shall not be allowed to suffer by laying too much emphasis on science. Communal and denominational institutions and those which have become notorious centres of hooliganism and indiscipline shall be closed down. Curriculum and syllabus shall be framed in such a way that it may suit the changing needs of free India. Tuition fees shall be reduced to give relief to the parents.


My mind is full of schemes of reforms which can not be described in a short essay in detail. Let the opportunity come, then I will make sincere efforts to fulfill my ambitions and materialize my dream.

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