Anybody who reads extensively and for the sake of literary pleasure will find it difficult to select a certain author out of so many and call him favorite author. The truth is that the literature of the world is full of countless jewels. It is beyond capacity of human nature to touch all the jewels and test finally which one of them is superior to all others. I fell bewildered when I move about in the garden of literature. I cannot say that Shakespeare is move lovable than Milton or Hardy is more lovable than Dickens or Shelley is more impressive than Keats. In spite of this, I must stop and ponder over the important question-Who is my favorite author ?

Charles Dickens-My favorite author

My favorite author is Charles Dickens, the Victorian novelist. The first time, I came to know about him when I saw a film version of his famous novel entitled “David Copperfield” in my early boyhood. This novel made a great impression on my mind. Some years hence, I read the original novel and the author arrested my attention and I read his “Pickwick Papers” and “A Tale of Two Cities”.

Dickens-A painter of life

After reading the prominent works of Charles Dickens, my interest in him deepened and I read his biography. I found his biography as interesting as his works. I was over joyed to realise that his novel David Copperfield’ was nothing but his autobiography. Dickens is not merely a storyteller but a painter and dreamer of life. Those persons who read his works to find a story will be disappointed. His novels are loose, not well-knit, like life itself, For this kind of story-telling and story-reading, one should approach Hardy and Duma. Dickens has painted human life in its perfect variety. He has not cared about the construction of the plot.

Humor in Charles Dickens

In spite of the loose plots, Dickens sustains the interest of his readers. Because his homour is heart touching. He sees life, from the closest quarters and dives deep in the numberless scenes of it and describes them vividly and colorfully. Thus his pages are the fountain-head of side-shaking laughter. Some of the characters painted by Dickens are specially attractive. Uria Heep and Mr. Micawber take a permanent place in the readers’ mind. Besides these two, David Copperfield, Mr. Pickwick, Sidney Corton, Mrs. Joo Gargery. Miss Havisham and Miss Betsy Trot wood are centres of interest and are attraction for readers.

Seamy side of Charles Dickens

In spite of my deep love for Dickens. I am not blind to his limitations. Dickens sometimes points a character in such a way that a character appears to be a caricature and grows to sentimental and melodramatic. Sometimes, Dickens expression begins to bubble with pathos and the reader finds himself on the verge of tears.


Dickens in my favorite author among the prose writers. Among poets, my favorite author is Shelley whose poetry of love has always thrilled me Whenever I am in a pensive mood. I read his poetry and find comfort and place. Really, it is a great joy in life to have good books and to have the capacity of reading them.

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