Education is a process. It is not static but ever changing. It is not confined to books only. It takes into its fold all he activities done in the college campus by the students under the guidance of their teachers. Curricular activities are those which the boys do to increase their bookish knowledge. Extra-curricular activities are those which the boys do to have training of life. The extra curricular activities form an important and integral part of our educational system. They provide training in citizenship aiming at the all-sided development of the child.

Election of the office-bears of the Sahitya Parishad

Our college specializes in the organisation of various extra-curricular activities. In every week and month, there is some activity of this kind. As soon as the college re-opens after summer vacations, the office bearers of the Sahitya Parishad are elected, the perfects are appointed, the captains of various teams are elected and class monitors, too, are elected. All these office-bearers assemble in the college hall where the Principal addresses them and exhorts to take up the extra-curricular activities sincerely.

Dramas, debates, recitations, addresses and study circle

The Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated in the college with a detailed and interesting programme. Dramas depicting the life of Lord Krishna are enacted on the stage. Recitations of devotional poems and lines from the holy Gita find a prominent place in the celebration. It is one of the major functions of our college. The Sahitya Parishad organises debates in Hindi and English. There are class debates too, in which only the college students participate class wise. Eminent scholars and leaders are invited to address the boys. on different topics. Some of the brilliant students of the college have formed the Study Circle where discussions are held and papers are read on a variety of subjects related to education.

Social activities

Besides the above-mentioned literary extra curricular activities, some social activities also find place in extra curricular activity programme. There are periodical dinners and tea parties; there are outings and picnics. Sometimes, groups of boys are sent on excursions under the supervision of senior teachers.

Celebration of the Annual day

Our college celebrates its Annual Day every year in the third week of Dec. Preparations for the Day begin in the beginning of December. The actual celebration covers a period of a week. During the week, the college becomes a centre of various interesting activities. Cricket, Foot-ball, Volley ball, Badminton, Squash and Tennis matches are played between good teams. Indoor games like Carom and Chess, too attract players from inside and out. On the final day or the Annual Day, an eminent educationist or a renowned leader is invited as chief guest to preside over the function. The function is attended by the guardians of our students and other prominent citizens of the town.


It is almost impossible to describe all the extra curricular activities of the college. On every Saturday, two periods, seventh and eighth, are allotted in the college time-table to such activities. All students are divided into groups on the basis of their aptitude. Activities like public-speaking, radio-engineering, photography stamp collection, coin-collection and many more take place under the supervision of various teachers in-charge. In this way, the surplus energy of the students is canalized into proper way. Our college is well-known for N. C. C. and P. R. D. units. No Republic Day parade is complete without the participation of our college cadets.

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