After independence, revolutionary change has taken place in the position and power of women. According to our Constitution, men and women have equal fundamental rights. To our great delight and surprise, women had surpassed men in various fields of life. In India, we have a woman Prime Minister. There are numberless women working in India in responsible capacities Like other advanced countries of the world, India has given to women the same status as given to men. In consequence of this, all professions have been thrown open to women who can compete with men. There is no discrimination on the basis of sex. Merit is the only criterion.


The best career for women-Indian women have distinguished themselves in various fields of life as politicians, scholars. statesmen, orators parliamentarians, lawyers, doctors, judges. diplomats and ambassadors. It is now a well-established fact that women are intelligent, hard working, efficient and painstaking in work. In spite of the above mentioned situation, women in general. are not suited to every profession. There are certain profession and careers which the women should choose because mentally, physically and culturally they are more suitable to these profession. The best career for women in India is that of teacher. At the primary stage, a female teacher is more competent than a male teacher. In the primary stage of education, women can prove themselves the teachers by virtue of their gift of sympathy, love, sweet smile and honeyed tongue. They can understand better than men the tender psychology of a child and can canalize its energies into proper and useful directions. The Montessori system of education, itself a creation of the noble mind of a lady, is being implemented mostly by women in India.

Medical-The second best career for women

The second profession or career for which women are suitable is that of a doctor or a nurse. As doctors and nurses. women can serve the country more efficiently than men. It has been found that women on account of their tender hearts are better nurses and due to their naturally delicate and soft hands they are better surgeons. There is a grain of truth in the saying, “That a woman’s voice is a cure and her touch a balm”. Florence Nightingale the lady with a lamp, made history and showed the way to womankind how efficiently and nobly they can mitigate the sufferings of humanity in wars and epidemics. Apart from these two professions, women have worked well as receptionists and air hostesses. By and by, they are monopolizing the jobs.

Family planning and women

Women, in general, are working in various capacities in India. They are typists clerks, bus conductors, telephone-operators, radio singers, needle-women, painters and saleswomen. But there is one more field of life where women can serve the nation and prove themselves most profitable the Family Planning. India is facing problem of over-population and all the schemes and plans aiming at the check of population have not born fruits because women have not contributed to the implementation of these schemes and plans. India is a land of villagers who are illiterate; village women are particularly backward and illiterate. They fail to understand or appreciate the necessity of family planning for the economic prosperity of the family and the nation. Educated, enlightened women can enter into this department of Indian life and can render admirable service by explaining to the village women the importance of family planning by taking them into confidence and can guide them practically by telling them different methods of birth control. It is the need of the hour. If all the educated women accept the challenge of time and make up their minds to serve the nation in checking the growth of population. they will excel their counter parts as patriots. Every woman cannot become a minister or an administrator but every woman can become a nurse, a teacher and a social worker. The best careers for women in the modern India are of a teacher, a doctor or a nurse and a family planning worker.


Women are physiologically unfit for military and police departments. They should not be encouraged to join these department. India does not Jack in manpower so women should not be recruited in police and military. They should be recruited in the Family Planning Department to take up the difficult task of canvas sing the advantages of family planning among the village women. folk. They should be asked to carry on kitchen to kitchen a kind of universal propaganda against unhygienic conditions in the villages In the urban areas they can be guided and engaged to take up the task of teaching orphans and helpless widows in the orphanages and widow-welfare centres. They can train the helpless widows in embroidery, knitting, sewing, drawing and painting for which the women are more gifted than men. They can train such women in the art of music and dancing and can equip them for the remaining battle of unhappy life. Really, women are less selfish and more serviceable than men by nature.

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