An outstanding success in life depends upon the union of men and woman. One without the other is only incomplete half. That is why the woman or wife has been called the half of man in our religious books. In fact, husband and wife are the two wheels of the same carriage. In one wheel is strong and the other one is weak and rusted, the car cannot move on smoothly. Thus, we see that an educated wife is an asset to a man is the modern age when life has become very complicated. An uneducated wife in the company of an educated husband is a perpetual clog in the wheel. Such a couple can never be happy in life and in unable to face the difficulties of life. A harmonious co-operation is not possible between the two. In the absence of co-operation between husband and wife a nation cannot progress and prosper.

An educated wife is a permanent asset. In the long struggle of life, she is a good companion, who, at times helps, guides, comforts and consoles her husband. In the hours of prosperity, she is a white elephant and perpetual item of expenditure. In the hours to adversity, she is the only sheet anchor that can be depended upon to any extent. There is a spark of heavenly fire in the heart of an educated wife which lies dormant in the hours of prosperity but which kindles and blazes in the dark hours of adversity. Sometimes the husband is thrown out of employment and the problem of bread and butter becomes acute. Then an educated wife comes to the rescue of the family and helps the husband in tiding over the economic crisis. Secondly, an educated wife produces intelligent children. In case, no school is available with the reach of children of school going age or the parents are not will off to pay school fees, the wife can educate the children to a certain stage at home. She can hold her children in all stages of their education and can explain them the rules of health and hygiene. Thus she can discharge her duties as mother more efficiently, Besides she can maintain the family accounts by placing on record in detail for the family budget. She can take children to hospital for treatment, if need be, and to school for admission. In this way, she minimizes the worries of her husband and multiplies. her pleasures of domestic and admired life. She is mentally capable to understand the significance of the family.

Additional merits of an educated wife

Sometimes, an educated wife is a good helper to her husband in doing the office work. In case the husband is an author, she can collect material for writing or can fair out the manuscripts. It is well known that the wife of the Russian author, Leo Tolstoy, faired out the novel entitled War and Peace seven times. If the husband is a professor, an educated wife can help him by totaling and tabulating the marks at the time of examinations. Sometimes it happens luckily that husband and wife are scholars of the same subject. Then, their conversation is scholarly which is delightful to them and useful to children. Such a conversation is always a source of recreation to both of them. Sometimes, the husband is quite different from is wife psychologically and it is very difficult to deal with him for an uneducated wife. In this situation of unhappy combination, an educated wife tries to understand the husband psychologically and adjusts herself to the husband and changes the desert of life into a garden full of over-blooming flowers.

Demerits of an educated wife

An educated wife is not an unmixed blessing. An educated wife needs better clothes, cosmetics and other necessary things to keep herself up to date in fashionable living. Secondly, she tries to dominate her husband and tries to assert herself in all the matters related to the family. Her indomitable spirit and her uncompromising attitude and her will to dominate the husband create friction in domestic life. Instead of being an asset, she becomes a perpetual liability and headache. Constant disagreements between husband and wife sometimes reflect upon children unfavorably and they develop into Modern education is not out and out useful to Indian women be cause it is the legacy of the British rule to India. Our culture and spirit is at variance with the western culture. An ideal Indian wife should be obedient in temperament sacrificing in attitude, simple in nature and moderate in habits. Sometimes, an educated wire fails to understand the significance of these human virtues and becomes a problem to her husband and makes the home a hell.


Everything in this world has two aspects-seamy or rosy. An educated wife also has got some merits and demerits. But it is definite that in the modern age, an ideal wife should be educated. The basis of her education should be Indian necessity. She should be educated in an atmosphere of simplicity and Indianess Then she will not fall a victim to the vices which accompany completely westernized education, while imparting education to our sisters and daughters, we should not forget Sita, Savitri, Gargi and Ansuiya.

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