Advisory for Fruit Crop cultivation

Pest Management for fruits

Spray thiacloprid 0.75 ml or Novalurone 1.5 ml per litre of water in litchi plantations to guard against fruit-bearing pests. To keep litchi fruits from exploding, use 4 granules of borax per litre of water. They should plant bananas in July and utilise fertiliser in April; they should use 140 kg urea, 80 kg DAP, and 80 kg MOP per acre. If you have a problem with stem bursts in your banana plants, apply 25 grams of magnesium sulphate per plant, cut off the undesired sucker, and irrigate regularly. Mulching muskmelons, watermelons, and other cucurbits with mustard Stover’s aids moisture conservation.

Crop Management

Turmeric intercropping to offset the loss of income from the mango orchard during the lock-down. In the months of April and May, two sprays of Naphthalene Acetic Acid (NAA) @ 20 ppm were applied at 15-day intervals to prevent fruit drop during the lock-down period (disturbed agricultural operations) for income security. Musk melon crop are sown in ridges and furrows, which produce good quality fruits, are easy to handle, save 35-40% irrigation, and yield 4-5 Rs per unit.

Pruning mango trees to remove criss-cross dead and dried branches may be done to open the tree’s centre with a less dense canopy and expose the inner branches to sunlight.Spraying 1 percent urea and 0.5 percent zinc sulphate during the months of October and November is advised for consistent flowering and fruiting each year.

Mango harvesting

All fruits are harvested with a pedicel to prevent damage to the fruits. Avoid branch damage and shaking, resulting in no fruit loss from trees during harvesting. Nutrient from mangoes Per one-year-old plant, apply 100g of each NPK (217g Urea, 625g SSP, 167g MOP). Increase the amount of NPK by 100g per year for the next ten years. Apply 2.17 kg Urea+ 6.25 kg SSP + 1.67 kg MOP per tree in a plantation that is 10 years old or older.

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