One should have both practical and theoretical knowledge to secure perfect success in life. Books give us only theoretical knowledge. Travel is undoubtedly a great source of practical knowledge in life. We should know about the manners, habits, traditions and ways of living of other persons in order to broaden our outlook and to cultivate the capacity of adjustment in ourselves.

Travelling in the opinion of Francis Bacon Excursions and tours should form an integral part of complete education, Francis Bacon remarks, “Travelling in the younger sort is a part of education, in the older, a part of experience.” Travelling is a superior teacher to books. The former appeals to our body, intellect and soul, the latter appeals to our mind only. The knowledge of History, Economics, Geography, Art and Sociology acquired from books is. hazy. It is never clear. On the other side, our visit to places of historical importance results in making us wiser and more experienced. It infuses in us confidence and courage.

Travelling in ancient India

In ancient India, people did not like travelling for many reasons. Means of communication were unsafe and slow them. Orthodox opinion was against foreign travel. People intending to cross the high seas were threatened with social boycott. With the passage of time, that orthodox opinion has now changed. Indians, in general, have began to realise the numberless advantages of travelling.

International understanding and travelling

Science and techno logy has got victory over time and space and has knit the whole world into a compact whole. Now we have begun to think in terms of international goodwill and understanding. It nations know one another more intimately, most of the present misunderstandings and. disagreements are likely to minimize. The gulf between the different cultures will be abridged and a kind of international culture may crop up. Thus travelling is a great source of creating international harmony.

Travelling in the modern age

In the modern times, there are greater opportunities for travelling than in the past. We can go around the world in few weeks. Journey by aeroplane has become a possibility even for an ordinary person. Indians should take advantage of the various facilities given by science and see as many countries of the world as they can. Some of the countries of the world have indulged in evil propaganda against India. They are ill intentioned and they want to defame India. We, the Indians, should not sit idle and should move from country to country with a view to explaining the truth and reality to the people of the world. In this way, we will kill two birds with one stone-we will render service to our motherland and we will educate ourselves


Travel has inspired many person to write good books. Oliver Goldsmith’s. The Traveller’ and Stevenson’s Travels with a Donkey’ and many more are priceless jewels in the treasure of English literature.

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