The twentieth century has been the horrors of two World Wars that have devastated humanity in many respects. The world is still standing on the verge of the Third World War. The modern wars are countless time more ferocious and destructive than these of the ancient times. The country where men and women do not take part in the war sincerely, being complementary to each other, is bound to be defeated in war. A modern war cannot be fought successfully only by some heroic soldiers. No nation in the world can feel safe in the war if her women do not play their role with the sense of dedication and the spirit of sacrifice.

Some examples of valor of women

Though ‘frailty is the name of women’, yet she has displayed the true valor when time has called upon her. Women have organised wars and have conducted them admirably. Maharani Laxmibai took up. the cudgel and fought most heroically to safeguard the integrity of her land against the British Government. The names of Razia Begum and Chand Bibi are all well-known to all. Though God has bestowed upon woman tenderness of heart and body, yet she can mold herself according to the urgency of time.

Women can render numberless services alike

During a war, women can render numerous services to the nation. We have seen how the women of Israel helped the fighting forces for their land in the fight against the haughty forces of U. A. R. The women of Israel have become the objects of envy, emulation and admiration for the women of their country. They proved that no nation of the Western Asia is mighty enough to wipe out Israel from the map of the world. The women are capable of any kind of service during a war. They can fight like ordinary soldiers, taking rifles in their hands. They can serve the wounded soldiers in the capacity of doctors and nurses. For this kind of service, women are more suitable than men. Women can knit woolen pullovers, stockings and hand-gloves for the soldiers fighting in cold regions. They can avoid wastage of edibles in everyday life and by means of small economy, they can collect edibles like butter, fruits, biscuits and sweets for the soldiers. During the war between India and China, Indian women rendered yeoman’s service to nation by contributing to the National Defence Fund money and gold. The second time, in the war between India and Pakistan, the women of the Punjab made history. They went to the front areas and served milk and bread to the fighting soldiers under the showers of bullets. When the army soldiers passed through the towns and cities, the women like the mothers and sisters of Rajasthan pasted Tilak’ on the forehead of the soldiers and inspired them morally to fight to the last drop of blood in the body. At many railway stations in India, women arranged canteens for providing refreshment to the travelling soldiers free of cost. Tears trickled down from our eyes when we read in the newspapers how the women, leaving their homes and forming contingents, worked at canteens for days and nights.

Women can keep the morale high

Woman is the greatest weakness of man and at the same time, woman is the greatest source of strength for man. Women can keep the morale high of individual and a nation. If a fighting soldier is confident that his beloved is happy in spite of separation at home, he will feel encouraged and inspired. On the contrary, if a fighting soldier is worried about his beloved who cannot remain happy in separation and is unable to bear the pangs of estrangement, he will feel paralyzed and enfeebled. Likewise mothers, sometimes, out of narrow affection, discourage their sons, and sisters discourage their brothers and prevent them from going to the front line in war. If women in the capacity of wife or mother or sister are bold and selfless and are conscious for the security and safety of the motherland do not dishearten their husbands, sons and brothers, no nation in the world can defeat such a nation.


It is a controversial point whether military training should be imparted to women or not. K. M. Cariappa, One of the great generals of the modern age is deadly against imparting military training to women. In his opinion, women after undergoing military training remain neither fish nor flesh. But it is beyond controversy that women of any nation in the modern world should be well-disciplined. Disciplined women can form the second line of defence as happened in Israel and can help in internal peace and harmony. Anti-social elements get strength in abnormal time. Women can counteract such elements and can save the nation from social pollution and moral degradation. Really, women are the backbone of a nation which is engaged in a long war.

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