Education is a process which is ever-changing, not static. It changes with the changes of times adjusting itself to the tendencies and urges of life. Values of life change with the changes of times and age. Education, which aims at inculcating of values in the generation changes its methods and course. The modern age is the age of science, Our values of life are determined by science The discoveries and inventions of science have changed our life out and out. In this set of circumstances, the question arises: What should be the place of science in the school curriculum ?

What science has done for us ?

If we carefully study the progress of human civilization, we shall come to the conclusion that science is at the root of all the progress. In different spheres of life, science has achieved wonderful progress for our comforts. In the matter of food, science has helped us remarkably. It has helped us to get better housing than what primitive people had. Primitive people did not know the use of clothing. But science has helped us in producing clothes of various kinds and designs to protect us from cold. Primitive people used the power of their muscles to do all work. Science has given electricity and atomic energy to do all work for man. Means of transport and communication are made with the help of science. Medical science has wonderfully progressed. We have now learned to live in better sanitary conditions.

The system of modern education

Our education is liberal not technical or vocational. The value of arts cannot be ignored. It aims at the pursuit of beauty in its various forms. It broadens our outlook and deepens our sympathies. Man has heart as well as mind. The heart of man long for love and beauty, for music and harmony. A word without art is a sordid place, full of monotony and mechanized. Man is a complex being with blood, brain and spirit and requires fulfillment. Literature, philosophy and history are as much needed to make us complete men. In spite of the above mentioned in favour of arts, the study of science very necessary. Man must learn to think correctly and freely to develop his power of observation and experiment. He must be responsively and mentally disciplined in order to arrange his earthly life. The study of arts leads to want, disease and poverty, while science leads to material prosperity. Thus, both, arts and science are necessary for human life. The educated in India are poor and unemployed because our system of education is defective. Its very foundation is defective. It should be completely overhauled. It should be scientific, technical and vocational.

The study of science

The place of science in our curriculum should be prominent. In order to bring prosperity to India and to eradicate the evil of unemployment, due emphasis should be laid on the study of science from the early stage to the stage of Junior High School. The study of science should be compulsory for the students all and sundry. After that, the study of science should be optional. Only those students should be permitted to offer science who have a special aptitude for it. The should be given every possible facility. Specially talented boys should be specially encouraged and should be guided for research. The study of science to a certain stage is necessary for all because it will help us in our life. The impact of science is so great on human life that we cannot escape from it. To improve industry and agriculture, we have to depend upon science.

Excess will be determental

Too much emphasis on study of science will prove detrimental as man does not live by bread alone. Too much emphasis on it will dehumanize humanity and will infuse in man the vices like greed, selfishness and narrow mindedness, So there should be a proper balance between arts and science. No human being. can be perfect without the study of the classics which led us to spirituality by and by.


It is gratifying to note that our Central and State Governments have realized the importance of science and have given all possible facilities to the students and teachers of science. If the process goes on, life in India will be completely changed for betterment.

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